Kaiba Jiao Bao \u0026#174; Developed for the Asia Pacific region, the What is an Extruder is a generation of medical re -sealing compounds

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

As a world -renowned TPE manufacturer, Kaibai Jiao Bao \u0026#174; dedicated to providing various industries with various types of high -quality thermoplastic elastic products and custom solutions, it has launched its latest HC/RS/AP sealing series , The thermoplastics treasure H series attributed to the TPE compound, which is suitable for medical care and medical re -sealing fields. HC-RS-AP-Series-Artwork.jpg sealing parts can significantly affect the function of medical devices. Medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and application of seals in the fields of life sciences are used to prevent pollution, leakage and overflow. Therefore, it should show good mechanical performance, chemical tolerance, biocompatibility, and other performance. Finding appropriate materials to meet the requirements of innovative design, especially for medical device components, such as sealing systems, which is essential for optimization functions and performance. Compared with traditional medical rubber or plastic, thermoplastic elasticity (TPE) has many materials advantages and is becoming more and more popular in the medical care industry. As a global competitive leader of thermoplastic elastic compounds, Kaiba Jiao Bao \u0026#174; provides high -quality, customized TPE compounds to cope with the challenges brought about by medical equipment design, such as sealed applications. “我们在马来西亚史里肯邦安的工厂生产热塑宝H 化合物,从而可以在短交付周期内为亚洲客户提供高质量的产品。我们还提供特定应用和技术相关支持,以及产品定制服务,满足Customer demand is a trustworthy supplier of customers. \”The Hero Plastics market start -up project manager Aditya Purandare commented. The approved and stamped material solution, Kaiba Jiao Bao \u0026#174; Thermoplastics HHC/RS/AP compound series of compounds has good glue for PP and PE Choose, such as bottle caps, sealing, diaphragm and plug. In addition, this series has low density and can be sterilized at 121 ° C and ETO. Therefore, it is very suitable for the heavy tightly sealing bottle caps, medical bottle caps, and disposable insulin syringe packaging membranes for making samples and test tubes. The compound is translucent and various colors to be available, which can meet flexible and innovative design. The use of this compound is safe, which meets ISO10993-5 and GB/T 16886.5 (cytotoxic) standards, as well as multiple global food contact and medical standards, including Chinese national standard GB 4806-2016, US FDA CFR 21, EU regulations (EU) NO .10/2011, Reach, and ROHS, and have been tested and sealing performance according to DIN ISO 15759. \”Customers can deal with hot plastic treasure H productsThe value is fully assured.We are confident that we can provide customers with material solutions that meet the medical standards in the Asia -Pacific region, all of which are attributed to our market support and professional knowledge of TPE products \”, Lee Jia YinSaid. Welcome to participate in the following activities we carried out: Kaiba Jiao Bao \u0026#174; Activities for medical and health care TPE 1. China International Rubber Plastics Exhibition TechTalk Forum -New Medical and Health Device Special Her Plastic Plastics H TPE · MandarinMeeting: April 26, 2022, 11:15-11:35 am, the hosting location was 2022 China International Rubber and Plastic Show, 1.2 exhibition hall. 2. 2022 China International Rubber and Plastic Show, welcome you, welcome youFrom April 25th to 28th, he participated in the 2022 China International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (NECC). He visited our 7.2 exhibition hall J122 booth to learn more about the hot plastic treasure H and the hot plastic H and the various applications.Other TPE compounds.