Just because this POE is added, the Extruder Auxiliary Machine Orange Technology Plastic Stupid Reuse Life Extended 150 %

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Tao Corporation (DOW) announced today that Shanghai Lewan Technology Co., Ltd., a comprehensive management enterprise of technology supply chain, uses Affinity \u0026#8482; Poe Elastoma (POE) in the plastic tray it used, which will make the use of its tray use Life span is prolonged for 5 years -equivalent to more than twice the current service life. Improve the reusability of plastic tray that conforms to the new sustainable development indicators of Dao’s, that is, through its own actions or partnerships, recycling, reusing or regenerating cycles use 1 million tons of plastic. WeChat Image_20210225152808.jpg is normal, a plastic tray can be reused about 20 times throughout the life cycle, but by adding Tao’s Non Woven SPUNDBOND Machine Affinity \u0026#8482; POE elastomer (POE) Even in the severe weather below minus 30 degrees in winter, the tray can be reused about 50 times in the best case. In the three -party cooperation between Tao’s company and the supply chain brand Shang Le Orange Technology and the tray manufacturer Shanghai Shangnan Reinstallation Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., Tao’s material technology improved the existing polypropylene of Le Orange Technology ( The durability of PP) The durability of the tray increases the number of reusable times of its new tray. This has promoted the sustainable development goals of Le Orange Technology and its customers, and at the same time, it saves costs due to reducing the frequency of replacement of the tray. Bambang Candra, Vice President of the Asia -Pacific District of Tao’s Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department, said: \”Improve the recyclable and reusable use of existing products is an important part of the achievement of plastic sustainability. Development and cooperation to support the sustainable development of plastic. Cooperation with Lewan Technology to extend the service life of the tray, which coincides with our goal of promoting the plastic circulation economy. \” Product safety plays a vital role in logistics. Every day, millions of trays are circulating around the world. At present, although the wooden tray is more commonly used, the plastic tray is more durable, lighter, and safer. The new generation of plastic tray developed by Lewan Technology is embedded with RFD recognition (RFID) and Narrow Narrow IoT (NB-IoT) chips, making the tray easy to be recognized and tracked, which can achieve repeated recycling and reuse. Shi Xiang, the founder and CEO of Le Orange Technology, said: \”The mission of Lewan Technology is to improve the recycling of plastic tray. We have been committed to providing the world’s most sustainable tray products, so cooperation with Tao’s significance is of great significance to cooperate with Tao’s significance. ——We our pallets can now stay in the supply chain for a longer time. The durability of the Lewan pallet has greatly reduced carbon footprints. Compared with the traditional tray, the Lezheng tray is reduced by 98%. To petrochemical products, there are more than 400,000 trays per dayIt is circulated in various industries and this number is still growing. We are confident to achieve the cyclicity of plastic.\”As a tray manufacturer, Sun Ye Min, CEO of Shangnan, said: It is not easy to design and create a highly durable plastic tray that can be reused for five years.With the advanced materials science and technology of Tao, our pallet products can meet strict operation requirements with higher performance in the longer use cycle, even under harsh production conditions.At present, our shared tray has been used in many world -leading companies including Dow.With the increase of the number of pallet circulation operations, we hope to help customers and the industry reduce their carbon footprints in the long run.\”