Japan Kirin Group released a plastic strategy, which will increase the content of Plastic Pelletizer in 2027 to 50%

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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Japan Kirin Group plans to be realized in its domestic domestic business in 2027 The content of the regeneration PET accounts for 50%of the total PET. 2027 , it was realized in its Japanese domestic business, regeneration
Japanese company Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., which is focused on beverages, alcohol and food production (Kirin Holdings Company) Recently released plastic strategies, and the plan will be released. In

. Kirin Group said that the formulation of this goal is to promote sustainable development plans in plastic containers and plastic packaging to promote the recycling of related resources. This \”plastic strategy\” includes three major aspects: Increase pet The recycling and utilization of bottle bottle bottle Kirin Group stated that it has used some production materials for plastic bottle as a plastic bottle, and strives to regenerate in 2027 Plastic bottle PET [PET [PET [ 123] The content can reach



Kirin Group also co -built with the nation and local government PET The effective recycling mechanism of bottles.

Reduce the use of disposable plastic products

The Kirin Group and its branches will strive to reduce the use of disposable plastic products, and consider using other materials to replace to improve PET The environmental protection index of bottle materials

For a long time, Kirin Group is committed to reducing


The weight of the bottle to reduce plastic Materials to reduce carbon emissions. The Kirin Group stated that it will continue to promote the lightweight design of the bottle.

In addition, the Kirin Group also plans to introduce non -eater material materials to make


bottle to reduce oil base materials rely.

President and CEO of Kirin Beverage Company Hideki Horiguchi said that the launch of this plastic policy is the Kirin Group to the Japanese soft beverage industry association Last year, the support of the \”Japanese soft beverage company’s plastic resources recycling report


will actively take measures to realize the\” to 2030 2030 proposed by the industry association. 123] Year 100% Effectively use

PET bottle.