Jaguar Land Rover and BASF work together to deal with the problem of dyeing PVC PROFILE EXTRUSION

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam


The recycling and upgraded plastic is tested through the Jaguar I-PACE prototype, for use Create the prototype of the plastic front bracket. He believes that the cooperation with BASF is promoting PIPE EXTRUSION LINE
Close The recovery and upgraded plastic It is tested through the Jaguar I-PACE prototype to create prototypes of plastic front brackets.
该回收升级塑料正透过Jaguar I-PACE原型车进行测试,用于打造塑料前端托架原型。
The recycling process is to use thermal chemical technology to transform waste plastic into heat -solving oil, and then transport thermal solution oil as a substitute for fossil energy materials to transport BASF’s production chain. In the end, it is an innovative product that is comparable to new plastic.
Jaguar Land Rover is trying A new recycling process can be converted into new high -quality materials.
Jaguar Land Rover cooperated with chemistry BASF, and made waste plastics into high -end materials through BASF’s ChemcyCling pilot plan.
At present, the recycling and upgrade plastic is tested through Jaguar \u0026 Nbsp; I-PACE prototypes to create prototypes of plastic front-end brackets to check whether it is the same as the original component, which meets strict security requirements. If the test is successful, the future American tiger and land tiger can adopt this regenerative plastic component while achieving the same quality and performance.
New high -end plastics can also be ignited and colorful, which makes it the ideal sustainable development solution for Jaguar Land Rover’s future vehicle dashboard and exterior design.
Jaguar Land Rover’s senior sustainable development manager Chris \u0026 NBSP; Brown said that plastic is still a vital material for automobile manufacturing, but solving the problem of waste plasticity is also a major global challenge. He added: \”We are committed to increasing the regenerative ingredients in the productAnd gradually remove disposable plastic during the operation to reduce excess waste in the product life cycle. \”
The company’s circular economic operationOne way is also the latest example of the company’s dedication to dealing with waste plastic challenges.