It’s amazing, MIT develops 100 US dollars low cost simplicity to breathe ExtRusion Temperator Controls!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

A group of engineers, doctors and computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released a ventilator emergency project online, saying that it is developing a low -cost ventilator replacement solution that can quickly adopt globally.

In order to cope with the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, they set up a ventilator emergency group called MIT E-Vent.

This project is actually based on a invention 10 years ago. In 2010, a student of MIT and a local doctor jointly designed a simple bag valve ventilator equipment, which costs only $ 100 (a new ventilator is about $ 30,000), but in the end, he did not continue to continue Perform the prototype production stage.

Because of the current global epidemic, they quickly restarted the research work.


Mit E-Vent unit 002 installation. (Picture source: MD)

The key to this simple, low -cost ventilator alternative solution is a manual plastic bag, called The bag valve resuscale or AMBU plastic bag, the hospital has used such a large number of bags.

This design allows medical professionals or emergency technicians to manually operate, providing them with oxygen in crisis such as patient cardiac arrest.

As the hospital’s ventilator is used, this simple ventilator needs to be intubated to the patient’s respiratory tract, and then pump the air into the lungs by squeezing and release the flexible bag. Professional medical staff can adjust the squeezing force and timing accordingly by evaluating the patient’s situation.

At present, the team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is designing a mechanical system to squeeze and release the AMBU bag, which can avoid manual operation.

Although this is just a simple solution, the MIY team said that this is not a DIY thing, but a medical equipment that has repeatedly demonstrated and experimented by multiple professionals. Used under the supervision of a professional doctor. The manufacturing standards must also be followed in accordance with the FDA regulations.


MIT E-Vent Unit 002 is undergoing functional testing. (Picture source: MD)

According to the official MIT website, this simple ventilator has been improved and is currently undergoing functional testing.The research team has submitted an application to the FDA and is waiting for the FDA information feedback.

This article compiles based on Boston25news and E-Vent. Mit website.