It is not afraid that this touch -screen material is so good with Melt Blown Cloth?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

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Raybrid \u0026#8482; Visual differences between metal mesh electrodes and ITO electrodes:
Metal mesh electrode with raybrid \u0026#8482; combination. Dongli began mass production of micro -line materials for smartphones touch screens in 2012, Raybrid \u0026#8482; Since the continuous development and strong pursuit of lower resistance and ultra -fine line processing performance, the display is the display screen. The large -scale and narrow borders have contributed. \u0026 nbsp; Traditional car touch screen uses ITO as electrode materials, which has always had a stable large -scale production and reliable performance. However, with the large -scale tactile panel, the high resistance of ITO will reduce the sensitivity of the touch, thereby bringing the risk of slow response and the risk of operating errors. \u0026 nbsp;
Recently, the Dongli strail club (hereinafter referred to as: Dongli) officially announced the car’s mature metal grid material Raybrid \u0026#8482;. raybrid \u0026 reg ; \u0026 nbsp; photosensitive function material is a coating material formed by the unique resin design technology and high -decentralized technology dispersed from the inorganic particles. Essence This method can form a fine pattern on thick membranes economy and efficiently, which is unrealized by traditional silk printing technology. The low resistance performance of raybrid \u0026#8482; can be applied to the production of larger size and various arc touch screens, realizing the large -scale and operating performance of the car center control screen, so that the driver can be more handy. Essence
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The resistance is lower than the ITO. Raybrid \u0026#8482; After the formation of a metal grid, the naked eye cannot be visible. It is an excellent material to achieve high visual performance and large -scale.
Raybrid \u0026#8482; Metal mesh electrode


ITO electrode

Raybrid \u0026# 8482; The actual performance and high reliability advantage in the car attracts many manufacturers to introduce the mass production of the car’s touch screen, and another advantage of Raybrid \u0026#8482; 30%of the traditional touch screen.
It is worth noting that the material has good bending performance. Dongli uses the transparent PI material developed by the company as a substrate, which is combined with the metal grid technology formed by Raybrid. The very thin, light and bend -resistant touch sensor can be applied to the surface and bending display in the future. \u0026 nbsp;

The flexible bent touch screen sensor.

Materials using raybrid \u0026#8482; electrodes can be curved 200,000 times when the diameter of bending is 2mm and the resistance value remains unchanged.
With the promotion of autonomous driving technology, the curved car touch screen with curved curved can create more comfortable car interior decoration, design a more fashionable and beautiful control panel, and improve the freedom of design. The mainstream of the industry.