Investment 100 million euros!Walker plans to increase global silicone rubber production capacity by 4NONWOVEN MACHINE 10,000 tons in 2021

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] 100 million euros
Founding The main production base and its largest chemical production base in Bavaria
The chemical group of the headquarters in Munich Vacker expanded silicone rubber capacity globally.


10,000 tons

Vacker plans to expand multiple production by expanding multiple production Base, in 2021 The total annual production capacity of special silicon rubber was gradually increased 4 1 Investment funds for 100 million euros. Walker aims to better meet the increasing demand for silicone rubber in key industries such as global automobile manufacturing, electronics and medical technology through this expansion measure. The Wak Organic Silicon Business Department further implements the strategy of expanding the special product portfolio through this investment measure.

A number of production bases in the world expand production This year 4

] In the month, Watak’s new organic silicon seal and thermal silicon mixture production base in Zhenchuan, South Korea put it into operation. Walker and McMake Ak Company in India


The organic silicon production base operated by joint ventures has also begun to produce room temperature curing silicon elastic bodies and liquid silicon rubber. \u0026 nbsp; Vacker Chemical Group Plan (Germany), Adrian (Michigan, USA), and Zhangjiagang (China) expand the capacity of liquid silicon rubber, high temperature and room temperature solid silicon rubber, and thermal conductive silicon mixture.

Walker is currently considering and researching the construction of solid -organic silicon production lines at the Hatssean Charston production base in the United States. Vacker has been producing polysilicon at Charston production base from the year since


. The production base will also be put into operation of a gas phase silica production line next year. Silicon silica is an important filler for the production of solid silicon rubber.

Organic silicon provides material support for many key industries such as automobile manufacturing, medical care and electronic technology Silicone rubber is One of the most popular high -performance materials in the industry. \”Organic silicon performance is excellent and can be used to achieve innovative product solutions. It has become an indispensable material for car manufacturing, medical care and electronic technology with its unique overall performance.\” 123] Robert Gnann

Dr. said. He said, \”Driven the development trend of decentralized substitutional power generation such as hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, digitalization, and wind and solar energy, we have achieved a growth of exceeding the average level Rate. We have also made important contributions to sustainable development. We will clearly expand the special products in the product portfolio as the strategic focus. \”

Walker will pass through The capacity of upstream and final production stages has been significantly improved in the near future to improve the supply and customer service of silicone rubber products. The expansion measures will benefit all product series in the field of Wak Silicon.


Silicon Rubber Silicon rubber is mainly organic Composition of silicon polymers and fillers,
\u0026 not;
It can cross -cross the corresponding reactant to form a three -dimensional structure, so that the initial flow of flow can be usedDynamic or plastic mixed glue becomes elastic rubber.

Silicon rubber is resistant to high temperature, can still be flexible at low temperature, and is resistant to aging (ultraviolet rays, ozone, radiation). It is easy to process and can maintain stability and good mechanical properties in a large temperature range.
Organic elasticity is widely used in aircraft and mechanical manufacturing, electronics, electrical technology, textiles, baby products, toys, household appliances, sporting goods, and construction.There are about 1000 provided by Watak.

In fiscal 2017, Walker organic silicon sales accounted for about 45%of the Group’s total sales.