Investing in 200 million euros in 3 years, Langson strengthened the global Sheet ExtRusion Process SUPPLIERS flame retardant production network

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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Phosphorus retardant production network
Langson plan for special chemical companies to invest about 200 million in the next three years The euro has strengthened the construction of its global flame retardant assets. Langson runs a bromo group covering The combination of halogen -free bipolar integration
Special Chemical Company Langsheng plans to invest about about 2
to strengthen the construction of its global flame retardant assets.
The network covers the United States (Charston, Erdogdo, Greensblo), Germany ), France (
) and several factories in the UK (Manchester).

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After the acquisition of the US Cocked Corporation in the spring, we have become one of the world’s leading flame retardant additive suppliers . Through a series of investment, we will further consolidate our position in this growing market.
After integrating the bromide flame retardant additive and bromine derivatives of the original clonia, Langson has significantly improved its market for flame retardant additives status. These products are highly effective, so they are widely used in the construction industry , which is an ideal supplement to the existing phosphorus flame retardant additive business in Langson. Focus on R \u0026 D

In addition to the flame retardant production network, Langson also operates two flame retardant product technology development centers in Nogtak and Lewusen, Germany.\”In addition to Leverkusen and Nogtak, we are also promoting global innovation, such as reflecting the flame retardant of polymerization,\” Job said.Langson’s EMERALD Innovation 3000 The demand for reaction polymerization flame retardants is increasing, because they are more in line with the requirements of sustainable development than ordinary flame retardants.