Investing at 60 million US dollars, China Lianlang built a large -scale pipeline production base in India AC Cable vs DC Cable Land

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

China Lianlang spent $ 60 million to build a large -scale pipeline production base in India. 11 Monthly put into production, with an annual output of about
$ 60 million built a large -scale pipeline production base in India. ]
123] China Lianlang Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”China Lianlang\”) announced its overseas expansion plan and invested in about 6000 The Group is building its own production base in Indonesia. The base will be equipped with multiple advanced pipelines and automated production lines. The entire plan is divided into two stages. 10,000 tons
Establishment Large -scale pipeline production bases, in order to enhance their competitiveness and influence in the Southeast Asian market, seize the opportunities of the \”Belt and Road\” development plan and accelerate their business global layout.
In the first stage The annual design capacity is about
, planned to supply Indonesia, Southeast Asian countries and North American markets in the next five years.
After the entire production base is completed and put into operation, the estimated capacity is expected to be
10 10,000 tons.
Before the completion of its own production base, the group also launched the production of small -scale plastic pipes and pipelines in a local rental plant,
this year


] 123]