Interview with General Manager Peng Fuli: PP SPUNBOND NON WOVEN FABRIC annual output increased by 60%. What magic weapon did Chaoli Management Industry used?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

hdpe [ 123] Research, development, production and sales of plastic pipelines.
] Guangzhou Chaoli Management Co., Ltd., which was established in 2009
Peng Fuchao, general manager of Guangzhou Chaoli Management Co., Ltd. ]
, is a specialty in
Take the urbanization Dongfeng

from the two extruded pipeline production lines in the early days of the factory to the current 18 production line, in the past 10

In the past, the annual output of Super Light was almost

60%[60%[ 123] The growth rate is developing.

At present, the annual output of super strong is close to 10,000 tons. The product mainly includes hdpe ] Give water pipe, HDPE Real wall drainage pipe,

hdpe double wall ripple tube, hdpe Volunteer wall entanglement tube, HDPE injection molding parts and welding pipe parts. Among them, 60% products are mainly used in municipal water supply, 40% Products are used in municipal drainage. \”The machine is now full load production. In recent years, the country has great investment in infrastructure and brings a spring to the pipeline industry.\” He has already engaged in the plastic pipeline industry 20 for many years, witnessing the home tap water pipe From the iron pipe to pvc

The current
The development of the tube, as well The iteration of the tube is replaced.

Before the establishment of the superb management industry, Peng Fulun was a sales agent of a brand pipeline. Long -term running in the pipeline market, Peng Fuchao not only saw the huge business opportunities of plastic pipelines, but also discovered the problems in the pipeline industry. When Party A purchased underground pipelines, he had limited knowledge of pipelines. Thinking of the \”buried underground\” pipeline, the quality is enough, and the price discount is the key. Some pipeline manufacturers are sold for low production costs, cutting corners, and selling sales at low prices. After the construction team installed the inferior pipeline, the accumulated water seepage of water infiltrating the land bearing bearing layer is prone to the soft soil, groundwater pollution, and road collapse, which has a bad impact on people’s daily life. Paying close attention to the supply chain management and factory lean production So, Peng Fuchao decided to create the \”Super Pipe Management Industry \”At the beginning, the production of high -quality plastic pipelines was used as the development purpose of the enterprise. While achieving large -scale production, it paid close attention to supply chain management and factory lean production management to achieve balance between cost and price. In terms of raw materials, the production of pipelines used for water supply basically uses imported first -born granular materials from Nordic Chemical, Basel and other companies. \”The capacity of these multinational companies is relatively stable. Basically, there will be no impact of out -of -stock or shortage of stock, and the supply price will be relatively stable. \”Peng Fuchao said.

The pipeline used for sewage drainage is generally made of regenerative modified plastic. \”We adjust the formulas of the materials through our own laboratory. Under the premise of cost control, the strength, stretching and modular amount of materials are enhanced, and the raw material patent is also applied.\” Peng Fumhao explained.

It is reported that imported regenerative modified plastics accounted for approximately 30%

. \”At present, the price of materials is relatively stable. Although China has stopped importing waste plastic this year, our supplier has set up a processing point for waste plastic in other Southeast Asian countries to clean, melt and granulate waste plastic, and make it. Exit again to China, \”Peng Fumhao said.

But he also pointed out that as Malaysia has stated that it will stop the abolition of plastic imports, if it

LSNH Cable Extrusion line His Southeast Asian countries also followed each other, so it will have a great impact on the supply chain of the entire recycled plastic. \”We may consider more new domestic supplies and strive to find a balance between quality and price.\”

In terms of production equipment, the superb management industry mainly uses Ningbo Kang Run The extruded equipment produced by Squeezing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. \”We modify the control system of the extruded equipment to achieve more efficient and stable extrusion. The control system is like the operating system of the mobile phone. It can make the device more intelligent and operate. \”

It has been a few years in cooperation with Kang Run. In addition to Kang Run, I have used many other well -known domestic crowding in China. Production equipment. \”At present, domestic extruded production equipment is not bad in terms of efficiency and imported equipment. If individual production links can be improved, the overall efficiency will be better improved.\” Peng Funchao said.

Squeeze out the factory needs to break through the bottleneck of \”intelligent production\” After rising, many factories have opened the \”intelligent production\” model to replace artificial operations with industrial robots. For injection molding factories for small -sized parts, intelligent production is relatively easy to achieve.

But for the large -caliber pipeline of this production, sometimes the length of a single pipe can reach 12

The extruded factory of the rice out For speaking, the advancement of intelligent production is relatively difficult.

\”We can realize intelligent production or unmanned production at the front end of production, such as concentrated supply, melting, etc. It is difficult to achieve intelligent production. It can only be resolved by manual solution, and this part is usually occupied the most manpower. \”

Peng Fuchao said Suppliers cooperate to improve the factory to improve the degree of automation and intelligence as much as possible.

The underground pipe gallery will bring more development opportunities

Peng Fuchao said, \”The country is now promoting underground pipes The construction of the corridor will bring great benefits to plastic pipeline production enterprises. \”

The underground pipe gallery refers Pipeline public tunnel. It is expected that in the year of 2020 , China will build a number of underground comprehensive pipe corridors with international advanced levels into operation.

At present, Haikou City, Hainan Province, has been large -scale in the pilot construction of the underground pipe galleries. Guangzhou and other cities have also carried out pilot construction. This means that the original water pipes, communication pipes, etc. all must be replaced, and the demand for plastic pipelines is very large. Super Lee also specially targets this project, adding

HDPE Real wall communication power tube and

MPP communication power tube production line.

He expressed his hope that everyone can have a correct understanding of the plastic pipeline. Use plastic pipes to switch to cement pipes. This kind of one -size -fits -all practice is not appropriate. \”

He believes that it is not because of collapse and explosive tube. The problem of using plastic pipelines, but the quality of plastic pipelines adopted does not reach the national standard. The cement pipeline will only increase the problem of looseness and groundwater pollution due to geological settlement pipes. \”China’s plastic pipeline industry is too young, only

30 The history of the coming year. And the history of using plastic pipelines in Europe and the United States has exceeded [ 123] 100 In the coming year. Our plastic pipeline industry is still very good. High -quality plastic pipelines can truly contribute to urbanization construction! \”Peng Fuchao concluded.