[Interview] Fire Resistant Cable VS Flame Retardant Walker fully guarantee the supporting supply of medical equipment, the outlook for the silicon rubber market

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Zhang Jianling [ 123]
\”Since the epidemic occurs, Wacker has actively cooperated with the epidemic prevention and control, strictly followed the government’s requirements and adopted additional protection measures The impact of safety. The company tries its best to overcome the difficulties in shipping, raw material supply and material storage, ensure production and product supply, and minimize the impact of epidemic prevention and control on customer business. \” Liu Lijun told \”adsalecprj.com\”.
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Vac Organic Silicon Rubber Liu Lijun, manager of the solution marketing department. Close
Wak organic silicon silicon Liu Lijun, manager of the marketing department of rubber solutions.
in in In this new type of coronary virus pneumonia \”epidemic\”, the medical system was first on the front line, and the supporting supply of medical devices related to it was very important.
Silicon Rubber help breathing mask and urethra resistance
Watk’s silicon rubber is an important raw material for medical supplies such as tracheal intubation, breathing mask and urethra. During this epidemic, in the ventilator donated by a famous multinational medical device company, it includedElastosil \u0026 nbsp; lr \u0026 nbsp; 3003 with Wak liquid silicon rubber Elastosil \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; lr \u0026 nbsp; 3003.

Vacker silicon rubber elastosil \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; lr \u0026 nbsp; 3003 breathing mask.
Elastosil \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; lr \u0026 nbsp; 3003 series is a universal material established by Wak for a long time and has been widely recognized in downstream. This product is in line with food regulations such as BFR and FDA And USP \u0026 nbsp; class \u0026 nbsp; vi \u0026 nbsp;, ISO10993 and other medical regulations requirements. At the same time, it has water contact certifications such as KTW and Wras. Mask, ripple tube, valve, diaphragm, sealing and medical device handle.
In addition, a well -known medical supplies company in South China is also a client of Vacker liquid silicone rubber products. In this epidemic prevention and control battle, the client donated medical supplies such as disposable tracheal intubation (ordinary), nodes (central), artificial nose, temperature silicone urinary packages, medical masks, throat masks and other medical supplies. Support against the anti -epidemic work in Wuhan, Xi’an, Wuxi and other places. Among them, Watak’s silicone rubber products are used in the temperature of the coexisted silicone.
Wak silicon rubber can be used to measure the production of temperature silicone ureter.

The epidemic is command, time is life. The Wak Organic Silicon Rubber Business Department has overcome the difficulties brought about by highway transportation control through the emergency coordination of the company’s internal company and adjusting the logistics and transportation routes, and fully guarantee the supply of downstream customer raw materials and the production of medical supplies.
\”At the same time, we also donated practical living materials, nutrition and convenient food to the Shanghai aid medical team in the name of\” Waka Love \”. In addition, the company is actively looking for the possibility of support for other supplies to prevent and control related materials. \”\u0026 Nbsp; Liu Lijun added.

It is expected that the organic silicon business is expected to further increase \u0026 nbsp;

Liu Lijun said that the epidemic caused the lag in logistics in the short term, and the rising cost of international cargo air transportation has adversely affected. But I believe that with the gradual increase in the proportion of localized products and the proportion of localized products, Waku’s silicon rubber supply will be more complete.

\”The epidemic also challenges the promotion method of traditional business (such as: \u0026 nbsp; exhibitions, seminars, etc.). Therefore, we will use more online platforms to accelerate the pace of promoting innovative online services. . \”\u0026 Nbsp; Liu Lijun said.

She said that the development of organic silicon materials in the medical industry will not be affected by the epidemic, and with the gradual improvement of the quality of medical care, silicone rubber materials From the existing high -end medical and children’s medical supplies to more demands for the general public in China, the market prospects are expected.
In addition to medical -related products, Wak Organic Silicon also has many applications in other fields. \”Although the epidemic has impacted the current economic development, Wakak believes that after the epidemic, the improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people and the steps of industrial upgrading will not stagnate. We expect that this year’s sales will not be greatly affected, especially in particular, in particular, in particular, in particular, it will not be greatly affected, especially in particular, in particular, it will be greatly affected. In the fields of optical fit and electric vehicles, Wak’s business is expected to usher in further growth. \”\u0026 Nbsp; Liu Lijun added.