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Done: Intimate smart bottle cap
So what the smart packaging looks like, let’s take a look today!
] More powerful life cycles, functions, security protection, informatization and digitalization, as well as more humane design, smart packaging is simply indispensable. A stronger life cycle, function, security protection, informatization and digitalization, as well as more humane design, smart packaging is simply indispensable.

I will interact with people, warmly remind them, and also know your life and health. Where is this packaging? This is simply the \”little honey\”!
The fire of \”intelligence\” has been burned to the packaging industry.
According to a survey of mordor \u0026 nbsp; Intelligence \u0026 nbsp;, the global smart packaging market value reached 33.19 billion US dollars in 2017, and it is expected to reach 42.75 billion yuan in 2023!
Danone will add smart bottle caps in its Spanish mineral water brand FONT \u0026 Nbsp; Vella (The hydrophilic state is whether the body fluid in the human body is balanced and whether it needs to be supplemented -editor -in -law).

This small device is called \”Coach2O\”, which will monitor consumers’ water intake and guide consumers to achieve hydrophilic balance.

This small device is sandwiched on the existing bottle cap, and it is guaranteed that it will not directly contact the water. Small devices can record the daily water of users, and remind people to pay attention to drinking water through the form of \”blinking\”.

It also has an application that allows consumers to set daily hydration targets and adjust according to their own conditions.
The European Food Safety Administration recommends that adult men consume 2.5 liters of water every day, and adult women take 2 liters of water per day, including the moisture of foods daily and various drinks. Among them, drinks contributed 70%-80%of the water.
Drinking water, whether it is high -quality mineral water, bubble water, or boiled boiled water boiled at home, is an affordable and healthy source of hydration.123]
However, many people always forget to drink water, and they always have to wait until they are thirsty before drinking water. Danone’s new smart bottle cap can remind people to pay attention to drinking water regularly.

BRUNO \u0026 Nbsp; Dasque, deputy director of the R \u0026 D and Innovation and Innovation of Danone Bottle, said Principles. Now with the help of innovative technology, we can bring consumers with personalized customized packaging through digital technology. \”

Danone’s smart bottle cap is jointly developed with the smart packaging company The bottle cap technology independently developed by can make any ordinary bottle intelligent.

At present, the thread size specifications of the smart water -mortgage cap provided by are mainly 30/25 \u0026 nbsp; and 28 \u0026 nbsp; mm. The main materials are polypropylene, which can be customized according to customer needs.

In addition to Danone, there is another similar smart water bottle. It is also worth introducing. That is the image -eye -catching and developed Hidrate \u0026 nbsp; spark \u0026 \u200b\u200bnbsp; 2.0 smart water bottle. Essence
Record every bite of water you drink

Hidrate \u0026 nbsp; spark \u0026 \u200b\u200bnbsp; 2.0 smart water bottle. Its unique eye -catching device reminds users to achieve the goal of drinking water every day.

This smart water bottle can be tracked synchronously with the APP and other fitness trackers. When the device is synchronized to iOS and most Android phones, each drinking water will be recorded by the sensor in the bottle and synchronize synchronized To the application.

In terms of materials, it does not contain BPA and uses food safety level Tritan plastic. The bottle cap and bottle body can be washed, and the sensor can be washed by hand.

In addition, there are also durable and durable replaceable batteries, so there is no need to charge or worry about the problem of damage to the open ports when it is often exposed to water. It’s dazzling!
You know, in addition to being applied to beverage bottles, smart packaging is often used in drugs and nutrition packaging. This is not the following two smart packaging as a heart -hearted health assistant!

Intelligent drug packaging with monitoring system
Schreiner \u0026 nbsp; Medipharm, Germany, launched a new \”Smart \u0026 NBSP; VIAL \u0026 NBSP; Kit\” digital medical monitoring system. Smart \u0026 nbsp; VIAL \u0026 Nbsp; Kit is a interval drug packaging that can accommodate multiple small bottles. It is covered by the pierced cardboard layer. Each perforation is marked with a number, corresponding to each interval.

SMART \u0026 Nbsp; Vial \u0026 Nbsp; Kit can be used for electronic tracking and monitoring of the distribution and drugs. When the user opens the paper hole, the integrated printing electronic device will track the recording of the small pill bottle.

Smart \u0026 nbsp; Vial \u0026 nbsp; kit is very suitable for clinical trials. In view of its ability to monitor the compliance of drugs, the data records are stronger and reliable.

Compared with traditional manual monitoring, digital tools can reduce document record requirements, make the test design adjustment more flexible, and shorten the test period of new drugs.

Including specific data points, interval, and drugs such as the specific medicine bottle are tracked in real time and automatically stored in the smart packaging.

Users can use NFC technology (near -field communication) or Bluetooth, read this information through smartphone applications, and transmit information to the data platform for further analysis, which can accurately track and accurately track and Monitor the patient’s medication.
Smart \u0026 nbsp; Vial \u0026 nbsp; Kit can also select temperature monitoring system, which is particularly important for temperature -sensitive drugs, such as biopharmaceuticals.

In addition, Smart \u0026 Nbsp; VIAL \u0026 Nbsp; Kit can also communicate with various information or install reminder functions through related applications.

Intelligent nutrition assistant with automatic supply
smart pill bottle cap manufacturer Pillsy launched a Stride \u0026 NBSP; NUTRITIN service combining drug compliance technology with ordering services It has been launched for the United States and will be promoted globally in 2019.

One of the highlights of the Pillsy smart bottle cap in a mobile application can be used to send reminder information to users, which can be automatically available when the supply is insufficient. Supplementary order.

In addition, the platform allows users to check their information with their nutritional products or share their information with the nursing staff to manage their dosage.

In this regard, the CEO of Pillsy and Stride \u0026 Nbsp; Nutrition Jeff \u0026 Nbsp; Lebrun said: \u0026 nbsp;The digital assistant to manage nutrients reminds them to take it when the user needs it, and automatically supplements it when it is not enough, including continuing education for products. ”

很多有服用营养品习惯的顾客,都可能遇到了这样类似的问题:由于剂量管理不善,导致物品积压、占用空间,而This technology can reduce unnecessary drug waste. It is reported that the platform can also be used for management of drugs and other consumer goods.
lebrun explained the intention of the intelligent design.
\”Modern people’s life rhythm Busy, more and more people take nutritional supplements as a means to intake, but at the same time, this rapid lifestyle has led to their forgotten dosage.
Our goal is to become a smart assistant for customer nutritional supplements, helping them to remove various obstacles encountered during nutrition and health care. \”

It is unexpected that in addition to benefiting our human beings, the welfare of intelligent packaging is benefited! The following smart packaging is designed for Wang Xingren. [123 ]

Wang Xingren’s intelligent benefits

Victor Group, which focuses on animal health, created the first metronidazole oral suspension Eradia for dogs.
123] This product is suitable for puppies and adult dogs, and has a repeated \”integrated\” smart block, which can prevent managers from contacting the drug.


The design of Eradia can also prevent children from contacting and provide flexible dose selection. The product has 30ml and 100ml bottle to choose from, which can be suitable for the needs of various dogs.
In addition, in addition, in addition, In terms of administration, Eradia can directly inject the dog’s mouth or mix in food for the dogs, which is very convenient to use.