Instaline and Shengxi Oedizo created the first European polyfenzenes SUPPLY BOARD EXTRUSION LINE LINE Lleep Reprint Reconstruction Factory

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The plan to build a commercial polystyrene (PS) recycling factory in Europe has reached an important milestone. SRC \u003d http ___ www.ip1689.com_file_upload_201706_15_15-52-51-1.jpg \u0026 refer \u003d http ___ www.ip1689.jpg to make PS recycling materials through solutions. The unique performance of PS enables it to fully circulate, restores PS waste into its chemical structure unit, and then aggregates again. The recycling PS has the same characteristics as the original PS. The life cycle assessment calculation shows that compared with the PS of Petroleum, the greenhouse gas emissions of cyclic recreation PS have been significantly reduced. After a detailed evaluation, Recycling Technology is eventually selected as a technical provider, which will work with Shengxio and Ichigen benzene collar to realize the cycle of commercialization of PS. Recycling Technology has a solution to high -end fluidized beds, reactors and professional excellent technical teams, and the highest STYRENE MONOMER conversion rate. Prior to establishing a commercial recycling plant, the three companies will jointly establish a PS cyclic reconstruction pilot factory in 2022 and jointly develop this technology. The pilot factory will provide information and data related to polymer recycling and operation to support the future development of a business scale reconstruction factory. Sheng Xio announced that it will establish his own factory in Tessenderlo, Belgium, and is expected to be put into operation in 2023. Ichibin collar plans to establish a complete business scale recycling factory in Wingles, France. The goals of the above -mentioned factories are to transform 15,000 tons of PS waste into recycled lyeylene each year. \”French Wingles Wingles is one of our polystyrene factories in Europe, which is suitable for our future recycling facilities.\” Tao: \”Facts prove that PS is a good polymer. Jetting is not only an effective recycling method, but also the regulations that conform to food contact.\” Recycling Technologies CEO and founder Adrian Griffiths said : \”This time, with the Benzide and Shengxi Oeds, it is an recognition of our PS cycle technology capabilities. We look forward to cooperating with these two global companies to establish the first PS recycling facility in Europe.\”