Injection molding machine pidwhat is Melt Blown temperature adjustment setting principle

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; When the deserted value of the measured temperature collected by the thermocouple collected by the thermocouple puppet can be performed according to the deviation of the measurement signal to the given value (P), points (i), slightly score (D) operational, thereby output a proper control signal to the execution agency, prompting the measurement value to return to the given value to achieve the effect of automatic control.

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; proportional transportation is the relationship between output control and deviation. The larger the proportion parameter P sets the value, the lower the sensitivity of the control, the smaller the setting value, and the higher the sensitivity of the control. For example, the proportional parameter P is set to 4%. Quantity change is 100%. The purpose of integration is to eliminate the deviation. As long as the deviation exists, the points will move in the direction where the amount of control is eliminated. Pointing time is a unit that indicates the intensity of integration. The shorter the setting time, the stronger the integral effect. For example, when the integration time is set to 240 seconds, it means that the output of the integral effect is 240 seconds with the same output volume with the same proportional effect. The proportional role and integral role are the correction action of the control result, and the response is slow. Micro -splitting is supplemented to eliminate its shortcomings. The output volume is corrected according to the speed generated by the deviation, so that the control process is restored to the original control state as soon as possible. The differential time is the unit that indicates the strength of the micro -score. The stronger.

  pid module operation is very simple. Just set 4 parameters to accurately control the temperature:
1. Temperature settings
2. P value
3. I value [123 ] 4. D value
The temperature control accuracy of the PID module is mainly affected by the three parameters of P, I, D. The P represents the proportion, i represents points, and D represents micro points. The proportional operation (P)
proportional control is a type of operation related to setting value (SV), and according to the deviation, the calculation value (control output volume) is obtained. If the current value (PV) is small, the computing value is 100%. If the current value is within the proportional zone, the computing value is obtained according to the deviation proportions and gradually reduced until the SV and PV match (that is, until the deviation is 0), at this time the calculation value is returned to the previous value (feedback operation). If a static difference (residual deviation) occurs, the P method can be used to reduce the residual deviation. If P is too small, it will oscillate.
Integral operations (i)
combine points and proportional operations, and the static difference can be reduced as the adjustment time continues. The integration time is expressed in the integral time, and the integration time is equivalent to the time required to achieve the role of the integral calculation value to the proportion of the calculation value. The smaller the points, the stronger the correction time of the integration. However, if the points value is too small, the correction effect is too strong.
Dimension computing (d)
ratio and integral operations are corrected control results, so it is inevitable that response delay is inevitable.The differential computing can make up for these
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defect.In a sudden interference response, the differential calculation provides a large calculation value to restore the original state.The calculation value correctional control of the computing value of the deviation (differential coefficient) is used.The intensity of differential computing is expressed by differential time, and the differential time is equivalent to the time required to reach the effect of the calculation value of the computing value of the computing computing value.The larger the differential time, the stronger the correction intensity of the differential calculation. In the end, we set the proportional value to 11, the points value is 80, the microman value is set to 40, and the temperature sampling from the platinum resistance to the PID module.The curve tends to be stable, and the temperature control can reach the standard of ± 1 ℃