Injection machine servo Sheet ExtRusion Machine drive

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Wide: Adapted 50T ~ 3500T injection molding machine and 3.7kW ~ 160kW servo motor
■ Deriven from rich on -site service experience, convenient parameter debugging, fast, can meet the production needs of different users [ 123]
■ Multi -pump combined flow through CanBus can achieve intelligent control of the main/from pump
■ Long -acting life design, the frequency of replacement is far lower than the injection molding machine components such as oil pumps and motors
■ Built -in DC reactor, high reliability, low failure rate
■ A variety of protection methods such as lack of phase, short circuit, overheating detection, to ensure the safe and stable operation of injection molding machines
■ The structure is compact, saving the internal space of the injection molding machine
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The principle of a closed -loop servo control system in the injection molding machine Edit

Flow control principle: When the pressure detected by the pressure sensor is less than the pressure setting value, the servo drive controls the speed of the servo motor, so Value.
Pressure control principle: When the pressure detected by the pressure sensor reaches the set value, the servo drive controls the torque of the servo motor to keep the output pressure of the pump at the set value.
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] Injector closed -loop servo control system solution Non Woven Spundbond Machine Advantages

● Energy saving
The core of the closed -loop servo control system of the injection molding machine is that according to the actual needs of the product production process, accurately and quickly provide corresponding flow and pressure to achieve oil supply on demand, and completely eliminate overflow loss. This meets the requirements of fast, precise and energy -saving requirements for plastic molding.
● Precision
◎ Pressure control accuracy: Advanced and reliable PID algorithms make the system pressure fluctuation range less than ± 0.5bar to ensure the high quality of the product.
◎ System accuracy: The position accuracy of the end point of the shooting can reach 0.1mm, and the repeat weight accuracy of the oil pump can reach 0.15%, reducing the rate of order.
● Fast response
◎ \”0 ~ maximum pressure output volume\” response time: shortest 20ms 20ms\”0 ~ Maximum flow output\” response time: the shortest 30ms.
◎ The high speed of the servo motor can quickly increase the output volume of the oil pump, improve the system speed, and bring extremely high production efficiency.
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● Oil saving
The oil for hydraulic pressure, the temperature and stability of the hydraulic, which can save oil, can also extend some components of the hydraulic pressureLife life.