Injecting molding production of tooth brush handle materials, but the prepared products always have flying edges, PP SPUNBOND NONWOVON Fabrics, how to solve it?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Flying edges mostly occur in the sliding position of the type, slider, the gaps of the inlaid, the porosity of the thimble rod. The reason for flying edge LSNH Cable Extrusion Line As follows:

(1) The mold coordination is unreasonable, and the gap is too large and it is easy to stay plastic, which generates flying edges.

(2) The watering system of the mold is unreasonable. Unreasonable runways can make plastic melts biased towards the flow, causing a shortage on one side and flying edge.

(3) Insufficient mold strength. The mold deforms the edge under the pressure of the melt.

(4) The speed of plastic charging is too fast and the pressure is too high. When the pressure is too fast, the opening force of the mold increases, resulting in flying edges.

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The corresponding solutions corresponding to the above reasons are as follows:

(1 ) When designing molds, the liquidity of the raw materials should be fully considered to ensure that the gap is smaller than the edge value of the plastic melt, and the illegal leakage is not leaked.

(2) Under the premise of not affecting the integrity of the product, the runner should be placed on the product symmetrical center as much as possible, and the product is feed on the thick part of the product.

(3) Increase the strength of the mold so that it is not easy to deform.

(4) When the mold cavity is filled with plastic melt, the injection pressure should be reduced to lower pressure pressure, or the injection molding speed should be reduced, so that the plastic front end of the melt is plastic. Have a chance to cool and solidify and reduce the chance of overflowing.