Indonesia’s \”China Plastic Sheet Machine waste plastic\” containing toxic waste and heavy metals

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] Time to return or face criminal sanctions. These returned containers declare customs clearance in the name of \”waste plastic\”, and also contain toxic waste and heavy metals.
According to Indonesian media reports, the Indonesian customs authorities have given importers
Recently, Indonesia is filming 49 from France and Hong Kong, China In the container of garbage waste, return 7 containers. 7 container.
Indonesia is cracking down on unpopular waste imports, and adds more and more countries to \”return foreign garbage\”. Recently, Indonesia is incorporated from France and Hong Kong, Hong Kong, France and Hong Kong, China, and refunded

Indonesia is acting like Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. These Asian countries are already or unnecessary imported goods back to their origin. In terms of tonnage, Indonesia is 2018

The fourth most important destination of European waste exports in the year.