Increasing a sense of high -end, the car interior uses Melt Blown Fabric user for plastic.

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By using the characteristics of \”clean plastic\”, composite materials, etc., combined with environmental assessment and safety regulations to enhance the high -grade sense of automotive interior, it has become the development of car interior plastic development Another highland. ]

Based on environmental impact assessmentand safety regulations, the interior decoration of automotive can be upgradedusing clean plastics and composite materials.
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The main plastic types and its application scope of automobile interior. C-NCAP
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The use of plastics in the car parts of the car is controversial. In contrast, everyone has a much higher tolerance for interior plastics, but this does not mean that they are fully accepted by plastic. At the next stage, how to improve the high -end sense of interior plastic will be the top priority. 以时下最新潮的环保层面为例,《中国生态汽车评价规程》(,简称[ 123] C-ECAP
High -grade sense can be divided into material level and spiritual level. With the increase of the car grade and the increase in consumption, consumers’ beauty and comfort requirements for car interior are also constantly Rising, this requires plastic to further improve in terms of shape, touch, beauty, environmental protection.
China Eco-Car Assessment Programme
, it was officially compiled in the year. Its purpose is to comprehensively evaluate the performance indicators such as health, energy conservation, and environmental protection in automotive products in the entire life cycle of automobile products, and certifying the ecological car levels based on the evaluation results. Although
The influence is far from the height of
, but the car is pushed from the level of traditional safety level Under the level of \”health, energy saving, and environmental protection\”, it is more suitable for people’s comprehensive needs for cars. The size of the interior odor has gradually become an important indicator for everyone to evaluate a high -end sense of a car.

The air quality in the car is one of the important assessment indicators. Its performance directly determines the driving experience and health and safety of a car that can bring us. One of the important sources of quality is the internal plastic of the car.

Due to the large types of car plastic, this requires us to clarify the high -end improvement method of plastic interior and find a different level of breakthrough direction. Here we are divided from three levels: \”clean plastic\”, development composite materials, and development in the direction of safety and durability.

C-ECAP是汽车综合性评价的认证活动。 Clean plastic The selection of automotive interior materials, except for the overall overall as a whole In addition to the beautiful and generous, the most important thing is how to choose low VOC The material emitted to avoid \”invisible killers\”. For example, the German Automobile Association stipulates that the concentration of formaldehyde in the car must not exceed 0.08ppm . As the name implies, cleaning plastic can refer to materials that are harmless to people and the environment. In this regard, including spray-free plastic, bioplastics, organic


The selection of new materials such as inorganic nano composite materials has become an important research direction. Here, the key examples are exempt from spraying plastic.

The coating contains a large number of VOC

, during use, it will send out the toxic and harmful toxic and harmful toxic and harmful toxic, formaldehyde, dyshane, etc. Chemicals seriously affect environmental quality, and the application of spray -free materials is getting more and more due to the less damage to the environment.Views. For example, spray -free materials for metal luster effect ( pp ,


pc/abs 采用免喷涂塑料进行高光无痕注塑的制品。 , pmma , PA ), can replace electroplating plastic, for interior decorative strips, luggage brackets, etc. Components.

The free spray -free high -gloss without trace plastic as a spray -free green molding technology has attracted much attention. Its characteristics are: the parts are the same material as a whole, which is extremely beneficial to environmental protection and reduction costs. The main highlight -free spray materials are mainly pmma/asa ,


and asa On the interior, they are mainly applied to components and other components of the car console, and there is room for further exploration. Development of composite materials parts of composite materials on the car Mainly instrument panels, door panels, etc., which are basically composed of epidermis (plastic, fabric, leather), sound insulation and vibration reduction part (foam or fiber), and skeleton. Feel comfortable and beautiful. Taking the inside of the door as an example, in order to meet the weather resistance and soft requirements, many companies have begun to use thermoplastic elastic body and pp [ 123] The structure of foam plates is superimposed, and the integrated formation scheme of the inside of the door and the door armrest is used to meet the requirements of comfortable and beauty and improve space in the vehicle.

In addition, composite materials can be developed through modified methods. For example, the gel -based material is evenly scattered in

pp The substrate material, the polymer material particles of gelization have the characteristics of the height of the opposite sex, which improves the slight roughness of the material surface , Powerful reflexing the lighting effect, which is close to the low -gloss effect of the skin. Under the same light source, high -quality interior pp The parts can weaken reflection than ordinary materials, and the gloss is uniform, effectively improving the grade of the interior. Development to safety and durability

Today’s traffic accident rate rate High, the safety requirements of car interior parts are even more prominent. For example, the head shock test on the surface of the instrument panel, the knee impact trial on the lower edgeThe inspection, etc., are required to be tested in the interior that cannot be broken, nor can it splash or cause edges and corners. Therefore, the interior of the car not only requires comfortable and beautiful, but also requires the safety of passengers.

The surface is polymethyl acrylic methyl (

pmma 采用复合型材料制成的汽车内板。 ) The car window glass prepared by the film, when


123] PMMA When the film is impacted by the internal direction of the car into the tension state, it is easy to break here, which can make passengers break the window when they encounter an accident and improve safety performance. In addition to safety, the average service life of automobiles in industrial developed countries is general It is generally longer than developed countries. The average usage of global automobiles is about

15 . Therefore, the durability of interior parts is also an important judgment indicator. In this regard, the use of high -performance engineering plastics is extremely urgent. Foreign car brands are now using high -performance engineering plastics and plastic composite materials. In the future, the door, roof, seat parts, wheels, and car peripherals PIPE EXTRUSION LINE components, and even the body may use engineering plastics.


In the environment of car lightweight and environmental protection, cars The use of plastic parts in the interior is the general trend. With the improvement of living standards, users have become more urgent to high -end cars.

采用复合材料制成的汽车车窗玻璃。 In addition to the traditional art design techniques, there is still room for further in -depth in terms of \”clean plastic\”, development composite materials and safety, durability and other aspects.

Key point Guide

C-ECAP pushing the car from the level of traditional safety to \”health, energy saving, environmental protection\” level; Clean Plastic can effectively reduce the internal car VOC

emissions; Conquilized the value and function of the car’s interior parts made of composite materials; [[] [


Car plastic interior parts also need to protect safety protection.