Increase 3D market Aka Plastic Extrusion line Investing in this American polymer resin startup

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Akoma recently announced the investment in the US high -quality polymer resin starting enterprise Adaptive3D, which focuses on additive manufacturing. Adaptive3D provides solutions for soft and elastic terminal products through cutting -edge technology. The startup sells light polymerized resin to achieve additive, tough, resistant, and tear -resistant rubber. Adaptive3D can be printed with optimization of light and solids, which can be widely used in high -throughput manufacturing of three -dimensional plastic and rubber parts in many markets, including consumer goods, medical care, industry, transportation, and oil and natural gas markets. 989791240.jpg Through Shadoma’s business activities and its pioneering N3xtDimension \u0026 Reg; series of advanced ultraviolet curing liquid resin, Akoma and Adaptive3D have been successful in many technological and commercial development. Through this announcement, the two parties aims to achieve cooperation with the endpoints of the additive manufacturing ecosystem, from the development of new materials, large -scale special resin manufacturing, to terminal application functional components, and provide large -scale market -leading materials solutions. Akoma focuses on many other material technologies, such as light -induced agents and sulfur materials, which can further enhance the supply of ADAPTIVE3D products through customized solutions. 144720511.jpg By investing in Adaptive3D, Akoma will create exciting opportunities in the fields of shoes, medical, automotive and electronic equipment, and usher in a new milestone. By maximizing the materials of market demand, customers and manufacturers will benefit from special sustainable and high -performance solutions developed by Akoma and Adaptive3D. \”The founder and CEO of Adaptive3D, Walter VOIT, said:\” To challenge the aging model of injection rubber, Adaptive3D is currently expanding production and distribution scale to provide stable and stable single -group optical solidized resin to produce high -quality finished products. Components, our resin enables customers to optimize and micro -structural design of its polymer products to provide sustainable competitive advantages. \”Akma 3D printing global senior director Sumeet Jain said:\” Adaptive3D optical solid resin is a customer -centric mission to develop new application areas. ADAPTIVE3D provides eye -catching material performance, that is, easy to print and easy to print and easy to print and easy to print and easy to print and easily print and printed and \” Later treatment, this is a major progress in the entire area of \u200b\u200badditive manufacturing. \”