In the first quarter of profit, NONWOVEN MACHINE increased by 584%, LG Chemical Welcome 2021 door opening

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Today, LG Chemistry released the first quarter of the 2021 financial report. Data show that in the first quarter, the first quarter of business profits exceeded $ 1.2 billion since the establishment of the company, a record of $ 810 million in the third quarter of 2020, and sales also exceeded the record of $ 8 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020 Essence LG Chemical. JPGLG Chemical CFO Che Dongxi said, \”In the case of uncertain external environment, through business reorganization and continuous investment in new growth engines, it has laid a solid foundation for profit growth.\” He also emphasized that \”LG chemistry will cultivate battery materials such as positive pole materials, CNT and other battery materials as a growth engine, actively invest in recycling and reuse, bio -material and other ESG fields with future prospects, and promote active cooperation with relevant stakeholders to achieve Comprehensive development. \” Petrochemical: Sales of US $ 3.98 billion in operating profit of US $ 880 million Driven by industries such as home appliances, medical supplies, building materials, the market’s demand for major products has increased. With the production of new capacity of high value -added products such as the Lishui NCC in South Korea and the new production capacity of high value -added products such as NBL and CNT, the sales performance in the second quarter is expected to continue to grow and the profitability will be steadily increased. Speed \u200b\u200bmaterials: Sales of $ 1.05 billion, operating profit of US $ 80 million due to the increase in the output of positive material and the recovery of engineering plastics (EP) market demand. Compared with the previous quarter, sales and profits were significantly increased. Driven by the investment operations of the new production line of the APerants Factory and the continued rise in the sales of OLED materials, the sales of sales in the second quarter are expected to continue to grow. Life Science: Sales of $ 150 million, operating profit of US $ 200 million due to the expansion of sales and market position in major products such as Zemiglo and EUTROPIN, and the profit has increased compared with the previous quarter. In the second quarter, with the newly developed product -spinal ashcotitis reduction, the living vaccine EUPOLIO began to supply to the United Nations Children’s Foundation, and sales are expected to continue to grow. LG New Energy: Sales of $ 3.82 billion, and operating profit of US $ 310 million in a breakthrough quarter high. As the sales of power batteries increase, the production and costs are constantly increasing, and the profitability is increased. It is expected that the sales growth of electric vehicles in the second quarter will drive the performance growth of automobile batteries and cylindrical batteries. By achieving production lines and reducing costs as soon as possible, it will continue to work hard to improve profitability. Farm Hannong: Sales of $ 190 million and operating profit of US $ 30 million are affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The sales of major products such as crop protective agents are postponed. Sales and business profits have decreased slightly compared with the same period last year. Due to the recent increase in raw materials prices, the expected costs are expected to increase. Affected by the expansion of product sales, sales and operating profits are expected to improve. Praise 0