In just ten years, BMW produced millions of compoundings extrusion lines3d printed components

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] bmw \u0026 nbsp; i8 \u0026 nbsp;Roadster uses two additive manufacturing components
. This part is made by HP \u0026 Nbsp; Multi \u0026 Nbsp; Jet \u0026 Nbsp; Fusion technology. This technology is jointly promoted by the BMW Group and Hewlett -Packard and is now used for batch production of vehicles for the first time. Using this technology can produce up to 100 window guide within 24 hours.
The BMW Group will produce the 10 million 3D printing parts window window guide rails produced by it Investment in mass production, the printing part is mainly used for BMW i8 Roadster. Due to the cooperation of experts from the Zeng Material Manufacturing Center, the guide rail was completed in only five days, and was subsequently sent to the Leipzig factory for mass production.
] In the BMW Group, the use of 3D printing parts is increasing. In the past ten years, BMW has produced one million parts through 3D printing such innovative methods. Dr. Jens \u0026 Nbsp; Ertel said: \”At present, the use of additive manufacturing components is rising sharply in batch production of vehicles. We pay close attention to the advanced development and application of these manufacturing methods. For example, maintaining long -term cooperation with leading manufacturers in this field. At the same time, we are also conducting targeted technical research and innovative production system evaluations. \”
宝马集团将其生产的第一百万个3D打印零部件车窗导轨投入批量生产,该打印部件主要是用于BMW i8 Roadster。
The output of 3D printing components at the BMW Group’s additive manufacturing center this year is expected to exceed 200,000, an increase of 42 % over last year.
Recently, the BMW Group will produce it to produce it. The first million 3D printing parts window guide rails are put into mass production. The printing part is mainly used for BMW \u0026 Nbsp; i8 \u0026 nbsp; Roadster.
The guide rail is placed in the door of BMW \u0026 nbsp; i8 \u0026 nbsp; Roadster, which can allow the window to run smoothly
The window guide rail is BMW \u0026 Nbsp; i8 \u0026 nbsp; Roadster’s second 3D printing component
. The first is the fixed device of the soft top attachment, which is also produced in the additive manufacturing center of Munich. The metal parts are made of aluminum alloy. The weight is lighter than the commonly used injection plastic parts, but the texture is relatively harder. This component has won the module category awards in Altair \u0026 Nbsp; Enlighten Awards this year. It shows its extraordinary performance. The award aims to recognize lightweight and innovation in the field of subsystems and components.

Add material manufacturing meets the needs of customers
On the other hand, customers also pay more and more attention to the personalization of vehicles and components.
Through mini \u0026 nbsp; your \u0026 nbsp; Customize product plan, customers can design selected components by themselves, such as indicator embedded and dashboard decorative bars. They can create their design styles through the online store (, and then print the parts 3D in accordance with the specifications.
MINI \u0026 Nbsp; YourS \u0026 Nbsp; Customized to provide high -level technology and customer customization services. With this, the \”German Creative Grand Prize Award\” was awarded by the German Design Commission (‘RatfürFormgeBung’) Foundation. honor.
The BMW Group will continue to explore how to use additive manufacturing to optimize the customer’s experience.
Add material manufacturing for mass production

The BMW Group’s visual additive manufacturing is the key production method of the future. In 2010, the company began using plastic and metal processing processes. At first, it was only a small series of components, such as the pump pulley for DTM vehicles.

In 2012, more series of applications appeared in 2012, including various laser sintering parts for the production of Rolls-Royce \u0026 Nbsp; Phantom. Since last year, the fiber-fiber rail fixed device of the Rolls-Royce \u0026 Nbsp; Dawn has also adopted 3D printing. Rolls -Royce currently selects 10 3D printing components in its products.
BMW Group is focusing on discovering the potential use of additive manufacturing technology with its experience in the field of 3D printing.