IMT process, allowing plastic pp Melt Blown Fabric

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The IMT process combines the current most popular 3D optical texture + PVD decorative method. The new IMT process makes plastics white and rich, becoming the choice of many CMF designers. Imt Technology Combines the Popular 3DOPTICAL Texture and Pvd Decoration Process. The New IMT Technology Becomes TheComoice of CMF Designers As It Makes PlasticS More More More More More More More More thisTroS IMT process process. Photo: 1234IMT is the abbreviation of in Mold Transfer, which is also called Insert Mold Three-Dimensional. The rise of traditional IMT crafts in 2006 is similar to the IMR (in-mold transfer in-Mold Roller) process class. At that time The color layer is left on the plastic part. At that time, the product curved was not large (only 2D), and the color was not rich enough. Basically, there were only silk marks and color layers, and there were very few metal colors. After more than ten years of development, the current IMT process can leave a 3D optical nano -decorative layer on the plastic surface. Compared with the traditional IMR, 3D optical texture and PVD color film layer have been increased. It realizes the appearance and decoration effects of three -dimensional three -dimensional, photo, gradient, and R angle, and provides designers with excellent innovation and implementation platform for designers in terms of product appearance. IMT process is a new process made of IML technology and IMR technology. The advantage of the IMT process IMT process uses double -layered optical texture film, which can produce ionizing optical 3D effects. In the production of the rear cover of the 3D curved mobile phone, the appearance effect of the IMT injection molding process and the composite board can be achieved. There is no significant difference in the appearance of the product. The material cost and structural cost are mainly between the two. The first is the cost of material. When manufacturing the rear cover of the 3D curved mobile phone, the IMT injection molding process can be completed at one time, and the composite board needs to be printed on the overall PVD and texture, and then through the heat bend, hardness, CNC and other processes, and finally the same one can be achieved. Effect. In the post -production process of the composite board, there is a problem of safety edges, which leads to the waste of materials, and its overall material cost must be higher than the IMT process. The second is the overall structural cost of the mobile phone. The back cover of the 3D curved mobile phone. The composite plate is the same as glass. In the product structure of the mobile phone, it belongs to pure decorative parts. The overall structure of the mobile phone is pressed on the middle frame. complex. The cost of the middle frame is inevitable to connect with its structure: one hole for each structure, then one moreTao processing, costs increase. IMT injection can be used as an integrated rear cover of the assembly structure and such as the buckle to reduce the complexity of the metal middle frame, thereby greatly reducing the cost of the overall structure of the mobile phone. IMT brings together the advantages of a variety of decorative processes, adopts the advantages of IML process in film production, and absorbs the advantages of IMR process injection forming into molds, combined with digital printing and Ke -style printing effects and traditional silk printing processes to make IMT The process is strong and widely used, which makes up for the limitations of the traditional appearance decoration process, and meets the high -level innovation requirements of product appearance decoration. The IMT process has achieved 3D three -dimensional effects and product stretching, which meets the needs of more product internal decorative process. At present, IMT technology in Japan and Germany is temporarily leading. In summary, the IMT process not only greatly reduces mobile phone structures, makes it corrosion -resistant and scratching, but also has more appreciation. This requires that plastic raw materials for IMT processing must have good low -temperature formability (liquidity), excellent chemical resistance and impact resistance, excellent adhesion, and high flame retardability. Mid-plastic high-performance PC 5010-IMT series materials excellent meet the requirements of the process. In the background of the IMT process market, the rear cover material cannot be separated alone, but it is integrated with the middle frame to determine the price of the product of Xinchen Extrusion . From the results of the actual reflection of the market, the principle of selection from low to high in price is: plastic metal middle frame, composite plate metal middle frame, 2.5D glass metal middle frame, 3D glass (ceramic) metal middle frame, etc. Seed form. The new IMT process combines the current most popular 3D optical texture PVD decoration method, which is higher and greater than traditional composite boards. For example, the newly listed Huawei Changxiang 8 series is due to the new development of IMT -specific materials, so that the thickness of the back cover is controlled within 0.8mm, and the middle frame materials use PC special fiber enhancement materials to make the overall fuselage have both body fuselage. Rigidity and strong toughness, the overall body is only 7.8mm, not only the feel is round and comfortable, but also has the same gorgeous effect as the composite board process, making the entire body look shine. The current IMT process has changed from the new process of 3D optical texture PVD to a double -layer 3D optical texture PVD. The factors that determine the price of the entire shell material to determine the price of the entire shell material are the amount of metal CNC processing, and the IMT process is compared with the hot high -pressure composite board last year. , Reduce the middle frame processing time, so it is quite competitive in the 5G era. Help CMF design implementation. When we talk about the concept of CMF, we might as well extend understanding -a successful product cannot be separated from \”face value, texture and expression method, as if a healthy person -it must not only have to be not only needed There are external beauty, and there must be a strong body, and there must be a corresponding lifestyle;It also seems to be a good business -it must not only have a beautiful and orderly environment, but also a healthy and effective organizational management system, but also to maintain the concept, mission, and values \u200b\u200bof maintaining its sustainable development. This is a systematic comprehensive concept, a cross -compound concept, and it is by no means a concept of a single separation. Based on the understanding of this concept, CIMC launched a joint development of the joint development of the \”PC -based decorative materials and molding processes of PC base molds for large -scale deep -cavity\” as early as 2012 with the listed company Qunda Mold and domestic famous schools. Crafts, software and molds. The project was successfully funded by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education and successfully passed the acceptance and results identification in 2015. At that time, it was at the leading level in China. The birth of a successful product requires the collaboration of the entire industrial chain such as design, process, materials, equipment, molds, molds, and post -processing. Conversely, if everyone is politics and lack of exchanges, it will be difficult to provide products with a good experience in market and consumers. This is a concept of a new industry ecology. In such an ecology, everyone depends on each other and has a win -win situation. The main point summary: IMT process is a new process made of IML technology and IMR technology; the IMT process not only greatly reduces mobile phone configurations, makes it corrosion -resistant and scratching, and the appearance is more appreciated; new IMT technology Combined with the current most popular 3D optical texture PVD decorative methods, compared with traditional composite boards, it has a higher face value and greater arc.