Improve resources and efficiency. Non Woven PolyPropylene these three tricks

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Arburg launched the golden version of the Golden \u0026 Nbsp; Electric last spring. It has four specifications, with a model of 600-2,000kn. The double five -point elbow rod system can ensure a fast and high -performance molding cycle. The spindle driving driver is running with high precision. Position adjustment screws to ensure the quality of high -profile plastic parts. The new electric machine series is also equipped with a liquid -cold motor and a servo inverter, which has the advantages of high energy efficiency, short dry circulation time, and good reproducibility. Compared with standard hydraulic machines, these servo motors have high efficiency, can continue to adjust their self -adjustment, and can recover energy during the braking process, which can save up to 55%.
Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the entire motor has many advantages. The servo drive through the electronic control, the injection molding speed is faster and more accurate, and repeated high -quality production is achieved, and the energy consumption is more environmentally friendly. In the past, the price of all motors was expensive, but with the advancement of technology, the famous injection molding machine suppliers have launched a very cost -effective entire motor.
Aberger Golden Electric series has four specifications, with a model of 600-2,000kn.
阿博格Golden Electric系列有四种规格,合模力为600-2,000kN。
The plastic processing industry has faced multiple different challenges. On the one hand, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and on the other hand, raw materials and labor costs continue to rise. At the same time, people pay more attention to environmental issues, and enterprises must try their best to improve the efficiency of resources to win the favor of customers. For the plastic industry, improving the efficiency of resources can be considered from three aspects. One is to use more efficient full -electric technology; the other is to invest in high -end cooling technology; the third is to ensure the quality of production, avoid waste products, and waste resources.
The acceleration of the full -power era is coming
Sumitomo \u0026 nbsp; Demag launched a new type of Intelect full electric injection this year with a model of 500kn, 750kn, 1,000kn, 1,300kn, and 1,800kn. The new Intelect series expands the range of the combined power and the spacing range, especially the 1800 model fills the gap between large and medium -sized Intelect machines.

GongDivision pointed out that the latest Intelect is the first full -electric injection machine with a standard platform, which is equipped with a special direct drive device. Its purchasing price is equivalent to similar hydraulic models. The control cabinet is integrated on the base of the Intelect machine, leaving a lot of space for the downstream devices and ensuring that it is easy to approach the nozzle area and the entire co -mode device. On average, the equipment occupation area is 10%smaller than the same -electrocomputer model.
The electrical technology has been upgraded, the storage capacity of braking energy is expanded, and it provides a basis for the significant optimization of all Intelect machines, thereby saving energy by 20%of energy -saving energy compared with similar all -electric machines.

Kraussmaffei chose to release a new PX full -power injection machine on the stage of ChinaPlas this year.

\”The new PX model series combines the advantages of the full electric injection machine with the maximum degree of modularity. In all production stages, high -precision, high production efficiency and high flexibility will make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it make it allowed to make it. Our customers benefit, \”said J \u0026 Ouml; RGWittgrebe, vice president of sales of Claus Mari Fi, said.

The flexibility of the new series of injection molding machines is reflected in the broad -mode module device and the combination of injection device, which is unique in China. In addition, customers can choose larger templates, faster injection speeds, larger top -up force, or use food -grade lubricant NSF \u0026 Nbsp; H1 to run.

\”The new PX has huge potential in the following industries, such as 3C (computers, communication and consumer electronics) industries, plug industries, pharmaceutical cosmetics packaging, automobile applications and even medical technology industries,\” Wittgrebe said. 最新型IntElect是首款具有标准平台的全电动注塑机。 After the initial trial of the K show last year, Wittmann \u0026 Nbsp (BattenFeld) officially mass-produced new Ecopower \u0026 Nbsp; XPress’s full motor, the existing model is 400-500 tons, and the injection molding unit is There are three specifications, the injection speed can reach 600mm/s, and the injection pressure can reach 2500 \u0026 nbsp; bar.

New Ecopower \u0026 Nbsp; XPress is a full -electric model, mainly facing the packaging industry and thin -walled products. It replaces the company’s TM \u0026 nbsp; XPress (high -speed hydraulic elbow pole model), which has high injection dynamic performance, acceleration up to 1500mm/s \u0026 subup2;

Ecopower \u0026 nbsp; XPress’s high dynamic performance injection driving shaft, as well as opening and alomorizing is designed for fast exercise and high control accuracy. The injection process is completed by a dual motor system. Due to the small rotation quality of this driver solution, it can achieve high speed and high speed, exceeding the conventional hydraulic solution and its electric screw drive.

ThisIn addition, the Patent Patent kinetic energy recycling system KERS of Patton Phils further reduces energy consumption. The system can transform the deceleration energy into electrical energy and use it for machines.

All the main movements of ecopower \u0026 nbsp; XPress are driven by water -cooled servo motors. The newly developed double five -point elbow rod system has the final position of self -locking function, providing ideal solutions in terms of sports and energy efficiency. All linear movements, such as moving templates, are also implemented by low friction linear rails.

The above introductions are the latest motors that appear in the market. It can be seen that the leading suppliers are jealous of this section, which also reflects that the injection molding process has further moved to the full -electric technology.

Of course, to reduce production energy consumption and improve the efficiency of resources, it is not simply upgrading the injection molding machine in the workshop. Only by achieving high -yield, stable process and high process integration can production be competitive. For example, Engel achieves this goal through cooperation with different partners in the world.

Engel exhibited E-MAC \u0026 Nbsp; 440/180 injection molding machines used to produce oval bowls at T-Plas \u0026 Nbsp; 2017 exhibition, equipped with a four-cavity mold produced by Taiwan CNN \u0026 NBSP; Plastic \u0026 Nbsp; System. IML automated device is also made by Taiwan’s JET \u0026 Nbsp; Engine \u0026 Nbsp; Automation.

As for Engel’s full electric E-MAC, it is equipped with powerful servo drives. Injection and molding are also driven by servo motors. This can ensure the high accuracy and stability of the process, while maximizing the effectiveness of the overall machine.

Innovative cooling technical effects are significant 威猛巴顿菲尔全新EcoPower Xpress系列全电机。

In plastic processing, cooling and drying can be said to be the \”culprit\” that consumes the largest energy energy. By improving control technology, the innovation system can be greatly reduced.

The dryer of the traditional disagators is usually difficult to completely recover energy, because the recovered heat has been partially used to heat and dry air. Farragtech’s CARD compression air dryer series uses practical verified dual -circuit compressed air principle, and can also be used with compressors and heat exchangers. This can effectively save energy and reduce operating costs.

Compared with a simple dehumidification drying device, this new system (the capacity of the dry fighting is only 40L) with Farragtech. Due to the less consumption of compressed air, it can save 1kW energy. In addition, the upper part of the resin is preheated by the upper part of the fight, and its average energy -saving potential is also connected
Xinchen Extrusion
nearly 70 %.

Actual dryThe drying process is performed at the same time as the lower part, so under the same material processing volume, the required compressed air is only about 30%of the pure compressed air dryer. and Card \u0026 NBSP; R system is the result of further development of Farragtech following Card \u0026 Nbsp; M/L series. It is equipped with an independent compressor, which can be recovered more reliable.
During the processing process, waste heat was recovered through oil or air heat exchangers of about 80-90 ° C. The heat exchanger itself is directly integrated into the shell of the air compressor. Through this energy, use Card \u0026 Nbsp; M and L to preheat the air in the second circuit. As a result, the heat required to heat the air to the required dry temperature is significantly reduced.

For example, if it is dried at 80 ° C (the drying temperature of materials such as PA or ABS), no additional thermal output is required. Therefore, the higher the utilization rate of the air compressor, the lower the cost of air per NM3/h.

The latest Earthsmart cooling tower (ESTW series) of the Corona Company (ESTW series) controlled by improved multi -mode control, which saves electricity while greatly reducing water consumption. It is an economic craft cooling solution.
Like the traditional evaporation tower, the heating tower uses evaporation to cool down, but it is performed in different ways with higher resource efficiency. During the period when the environmental air temperature is the highest and the maximum cooling capacity is required, the heating tower uses the fan installed on the top, and the heating air is drawn by the wet thermal plate located in front of the wing tablet. When the air via these plates, the internal water evaporates the potential heat energy from the passing air.

The tower control system automatically manage this heat -inspired process to change the amount of water and fan speed to reduce the ambient air temperature of the heat exchanger and provide the additional cooling capacity of the required.

When the conditions need to be cooled, it runs in one of the two wet modes. Therefore, the processor can flexibly choose whether to save water or energy conservation according to the changing public cause costs and resource costs.
CARD R系统配备有独立压缩机和热交换器组合。 Ke Nai and the Company said that using these functions, compared with the traditional evaporation tower system, the Earthsmart thermal tower can reduce the water consumption by 80%, which greatly reduces the possibility of cooling liquid pollution and scaling. As well as the additional costs of water monitoring and chemical treatment, the cost of sewage has also declined.

In addition, the cooling technology with great optimization potential also exists in the flow membrane extrusion production line. During the production process of the delay membrane, the melting process consumes the most, and the cooling is followed.

Torsten \u0026 Nbsp; Schmitz explained: \”Energy consumption in the melting process is a physical constant, compared with very small improving potential. Below, cooling technology has great optimization potential. Filmex \u0026NBSP; Intelligent automated cooling technology provided by the II flow membrane extrusion production line can reduce the cooling energy consumption by 70%. \”

This new method uses a free cooler, a low -external air temperature temperature using a low external air temperature A device composed of a system and a cooler. This system is controlled by Filmex \u0026 Nbsp; II’s proControl operation panel. The automatic mode selects the most efficient operating state according to the parameter to maintain the highest efficiency of the machine.
EarthSmart绝热塔可将耗水量降低80%。 The energy required for a free cooler is less than one -fifth of the cooler. The challenge is that only when the outdoor temperature is lower than the required process temperature can the free cooler be used. Temperature has always been limited. Schmitz explained: \”The running temperature of the flowing roller is usually higher than the temperature of stretching and blocking membrane cooling rollers. However, these different requirements cannot be resolved separately, because only one pipeline provides cooling all components. This will cause unnecessary cooling, waste energy, and increase costs. \”

Wed Hall solved this problem by using the second cooling pipeline. Therefore, the system can now cope with different process temperatures. For normal stretching film production, even if the outdoor temperature reaches 30 ℃, it is 30 ℃. You can also use a free cooler to completely cool the flow roller. This has completed the work of more than half of the cooler.

When the outdoor temperature is higher than 10 ° C, the various combinations of the free cooling device and the cooler are used in various combination forms. Cooling system. At a temperature below 10 ° C, the entire cooling work is completed by a free cooler. Overall, because the cooling pipeline and intelligent network are added, the frequency of free cooler can be reduced, so it can reduce energy consumption. Save funds.

Skmitz said when explaining the advantages of this method: \”In Central Europe, the increase in the increase in cooling pipelines and free cooler in the stretch film system can be recovered in about one year. We don’t even consider the added value of sustainable development, which can be used as an additional selling point to bring benefits to the customer’s own brand. \”

It is not wasted in one step
威德霍尔FILMEX II流延膜挤出生产线。

In addition to energy efficiency, optimized resources also include good use of materials. The injection molding industry has changed. Injection molding product manufacturers need to design parts, molds, and processes in the shortest time in the shortest time. Only in this way can they maintain profit margins.

In traditional methods, the project is based on the previous previous methods. Experience design parts and molds start, then make molds, and then test on the injection molding machine to meet the required parts quality requirements. Many things may occur on the development chain, so it is usually determined that the scope of the machine process conditions is very short. , Stressed.

Sigma \u0026 Nbsp; Engineering has developed a new tool, even before making molds, you can find the best design and production and production.Conditions to ensure the maximum profitability and part quality.Through its SIGMASOFT virtual molding software, Autonomous \u0026 Nbsp; Optimization can be used to test the improvement of all processes with virtual injection molding machines, and the virtual machine is required to solve the problem by itself.

Modeling product manufacturers can require some results, which are extremely similar to the way to make the production team request.The software will automatically find the best production settings to meet this needs.For example, it can be required to reduce the deformation of parts, and the machine will \”set\” itself.

Manufacturers who are trying to use the technology described the SIGMASOFT automatic optimization tool as the technology of \”changing the industry structure\” in the injection molding industry.A molding product manufacturer who tested this new technology stated: \”The tool will change our production method and will change our way of designing new processes and the way we design molds.\”