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Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam


Renegade is the leading air aerospace high heat -resistant thermosetry pre -immersed supplier of aerospace high -aerospace high heat resistance heat solid heating pre -immersed suppliers Essence
Close Renegade is the North American industry as the North American industry Leading aerospace high heat -resistant heat solid pre -immersed supplier.
The acquisition of Renegade will help the emperor to expand the business of its aerospace application, including the engine parts of the new aircraft. Emperor will use Renegade’s mature proprietary technology and high -heat -resistant resin pre -immersed production capacity in the field of thermosetry pre -immersed. \u0026 nbsp; renegade development and manufacture of monologically heat -resistant recycling pre -immersed by low toxic raw materials.
Recently, it has been announced that it has been completed for all shares of all shares of Rengade
(Renegade \u0026 Nbsp; Materials \u0026 Nbsp; Corporation). RENEGADE is the leading aerospace high -aerospace high heat -resistant thermodynamic pre -immersed supplier in North America.
Emperor is enhanced its carbon fiber and intermediate material business to consolidate its status as a leading supplier for its aerospace application solutions. The company expects that by 2030, annual sales in the field of aerospace applications will exceed $ 900 million.
\”As a high -quality supplier of major global aircraft manufacturers, we are paying more and more attention to our carbon fiber business in the aviation field,\” Shukei \u0026 Nbsp;Inui means.\”Renegade’s solid technical background and vast sales channels, combined with Emperor’s global sales footprint, will provide durable, lightweight and high -performance materials for a wider range of markets. These materials can provide environmental protection solutions to improve fuel efficiency. \”
\” We are glad to join the Global Family of the Emperor. \”Renegade \u0026 Nbsp; Materials CEO and Finance Officer Eric \u0026 Nbsp; Collins said.\”Emperor supports our advanced materials and professional technologies, which allows us to develop a broader market through its sales network and marketing plan. At the same time, it depends on the rich professional experience of the emperor in carbon fiber and chemistry. We now have a lot of use for it.Resources of expanding product development and manufacturing capabilities. \”