How to waste Nonwoven PolyPropylene Old Rubber how to become a treasure to achieve recycling

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Regenerative rubber is the waste tires, tube, band, rubber shoes, and rubber factory waste products such as scraps. Plastic and sticky rubber that can be reused.

Regenerative rubber is part of the rubber raw material, and is used in front of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to the rubber industry. Therefore, properly handling waste rubber, which has a profound practical significance for making full use of renewable resources, getting rid of the lack of natural resources, and improving the people’s living environment.

The main problem facing waste rubber recycling

Although China’s waste rubber has a good use, it is The utilization rate is not high, and it is also facing some serious problems. The following is as follows:

The renewal rate of the tire is low
China is underway. China is underway When the waste tire is refurbished, it can only renovate 3 ~ 4%. Relatively speaking, developed countries can reach 15-20%when renovation. Most of the tires recycled in China are used for combustion or production of regenerative glue. This method not only causes a lot of waste, but also brings serious environmental pollution problems.

In the refurbished waste tires, there are very few types of tires. The driver’s maintenance of the tire is not in place, causing severe wear on the surface of the tire, and there is no way to refurbishment.

The recovery system is not sound

The recovery rate of waste tires is relatively low, and a large number of waste tires are still discarded at will, right The development of waste tire recycling is very difficult.

Because there is no standardized recycling system and recycling market, the recycling and utilization of waste tires are in low levels, small -scale states, and high recycling costs; about 50%of waste tires per year each year It is not effective, especially the meridial tires; the establishment of the recycling station is not included in the urban infrastructure plan.

At the same time, the industrial structure of China’s waste rubber utilization is relatively single. In the process of regenerating glue and rubber powder, new intermediate products are often generated. Essence

On the whole, China’s existing waste tire recycling system is not standardized, lack of specific management methods from production, transportation to processing, and individual -based recycling networks can no longer be unable to recycling networks. Adapt to the needs of existing waste tires.

In addition, the actual recycling of China’s waste tires is used for illegal processing and low product use of illegal processing and low product use of \”soil method\” accounting for 20%In particular, some backward small companies illegally acquired waste tires for soil refining, which not only waste rubber resources, but also discharged a large amount of toxic and harmful waste such as hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and polygon aromatic hydrocarbons. In some places, in some places It has caused huge environmental pollution and ecological disasters.

The industry lacks supervision

At present, there are still no clear legislation to manage waste tires, recycling of waste tires, recycling waste tires Lack of compulsory. 采用废旧轮胎制成的秋千。
From the perspective of the current waste rubber comprehensive utilization industry, the waste rubber recycling market is mostly spontaneous formed, distributed, and employees are difficult to count. Most local governments lack these recycling stations and these recycling stations and Effective management of recyclables; from the scale of manufacturers, more than 80%of enterprises in the comprehensive utilization industry of waste rubber are small individual manufacturers, and they fail to join related associations and lack supervision.

Inferior enterprise expelled good enterprises

Tax discounts of recycled resource processing are difficult to transmit to regular enterprises in the recycling link Enterprise. At present, the tax preferential tax policies of the renewable resource industry are targeted at the processing link of regeneration resources. The original intention of policy design is to depend on the tax preferential transmission of tax incentives to the recovery link.

However, due to the recycling of renewable resources, there are many small and scattered mobile vendors and informal enterprises. These mobile vendors and informal enterprises do not need to pay taxes. The acquisition of recycled resources in hand has formed two price systems: \”no fare\” and \”fare\” of \”no fare\” and formal recycling enterprises in the hand, which leads to squeezing the living space of regular recycling enterprises. Many companies have suspended production or switching to \” The phenomenon of inferior enterprises expel good enterprises.

Strengthening the support of the country’s policy on the recycled rubber industry
China’s waste rubber The national policies used were introduced one after another in recent decades, including industry standards and other corresponding legal norms. The government should start from the following aspects:
to improve the construction of policies and regulations

The government should actively introduce corresponding policies to adjust the market’s market to adjust the market’s market Develop direction and use law to regulate the competition in the industry. Establish a system for the qualification evaluation system of renewable resources, and standardize the regeneration of regenerative resources. Establish an authoritative evaluation system with an authoritative renewable resource enterprise; accelerate the formulation of system research and design, relevant management regulations and standard specifications, qualified assessment agencies and audit institutions construction.

Although waste rubber recycling
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The market is broad, but from the perspective of industry development or other perspectives, the government’s participation guidance will accelerate the development of the enterprise. Strengthen the management of waste rubber recycling pipelines

Actively improve the waste rubber recovery system. Note that different recycling systems are established in different regions. For example, some car repair plants, automobile parts factories, etc. can be set up in some small cities for waste rubber recycling, and the collection of waste rubber collected to the waste rubber is concentrated Processing plant. 采用废旧轮胎制成的艺术装置。
Introduction of investors

Actively guide more investors to invest in waste rubber recycling projects and promote the environmental protection concepts of various enterprises. For existing regenerative rubber companies, rollover companies, and rubber powder companies, small production scale, polluting enterprises will rectify within a time limit, implement a qualification certification system, establish demonstration projects for waste tire recycling and processing, forming waste tire processing with a certain scale and production Utilize the base and use this as the center to form an industrial chain of waste tire recycling, processing, and utilization. The state should encourage social intermediaries to provide entrepreneurial counseling for waste rubber recycling and utilization enterprises, corporate diagnosis, information consulting, marketing, investment and financing, property rights transactions, technical services, talent introduction, personnel training, foreign cooperation, exhibitions, and legal consultation and other services Essence

Increase financial support for finance

First, in the process of the reform of the fiscal system and the investment system, public financial pairing should be increased abandoned The support of rubber recycling and use, and provided necessary support in terms of credit, including the listing of enterprises that support renewable resources that operate well and meet the listing conditions, and create conditions for direct financing for enterprises. Secondly, the adjustment function of leverage is used to formulate a preferential tax preferential tax policy for renewable resources. In terms of tax preferential means, not only can reduce tax rates, regularly deduct exemptions, and return tax refund, but also implement preferential grade preferential policies according to investment amount and operating years. Finally, the government is preferred. When purchasing government procurement, it should be prioritized to buy products containing regenerative glue to motivate the development and utilization of renewable resources.

In short, recycling and using waste rubber have high economic and environmental benefits, with broad application prospects and huge potential. We should learn from foreign advanced technologies and experiences and establish a social system for waste rubber. This requires the establishment of a circular network of waste tire recycling, processing, and utilization in the country. In terms of technology, we should strive to improve recycled rubber and thermal solution technology, reduce the cost of recycled rubber and cracking products, and strive to expand the application fields of these products, so that the technology of regenerative rubber is widely promoted and applied.