How does this Extrusion Pelletizing Machine after Wing Chuang stripped off?

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The company has 15 production bases around the world, about 3,900 employees, all over all over, spread all over all over, spread all over all over, spread all over all over the world. Germany (Walms, Dam Sattat, Weitelstat, Weshe, and Hatau), China, the United States, Russia and South Africa.
该公司在在全球共有 15  个生产基地,约 3,900名员工,遍布德国(沃尔姆斯、达姆施塔特、魏特尔斯塔特、韦瑟灵和哈瑙),中国,美国,俄罗斯和南非。
The company is in There are 15 production bases around the world, about 3,900 employees, all over Germany (Walms, Dam Sattat, Weitelstat, Weshelin, and Hayau), China, the United States, Russia and South Africa. A few days ago, Roms Co., Ltd. successfully stripped from Yingchuang Industrial Group. Winchuang Industrial Group’s methyl acrylic integrated business will be returned to Anhong Capital as an independent company. The company’s sales of \u0026 nbsp; 19 \u0026 nbsp; 100 million euros (2018 \u0026 nbsp; year) \u0026 nbsp; and innovative products ranked among the global market leaders in the field of methyl acrylic chemistry. Roms Co., Ltd. hopes to establish its own global technical leadership. The company has a total \u0026 nbsp; 15 \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; individual production bases, about \u0026 nbsp; 3,900 employees, all over Germany (Walms, Dam Stert, Witterstart, Wayerine and Hayau ), China, the United States, Russia and South Africa.
Continued successful story
\”The new name Rom represents high quality and pioneering spirit,\” CEO \u0026 nbsp; michael \u0026 nbsp; Pack \u0026 nbsp ; Say. The founder of the company \u0026 nbsp; Orto \u0026#8226; Rom OTTO \u0026 Nbsp; R \u0026 Ouml; hm \u0026 nbsp; About \u0026 nbsp; 85 \u0026 nbsp; years ago, he successfully developed high -light \u0026 nbsp; multifunctional plastic \u0026 nbsp; plexiglas \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; Baomei \u0026 reg; and achieved international breakthroughs.

Rom laid a solid foundation in the chemical field, enabling the company to launch a comprehensive product portfolio facing various applications. Today, the company supply products for countless growth industries such as cars, electronics \u0026 nbsp; and architecture. \”This is exactly we chooseThe reason for choosing Roms as the name of the new company. \”Pack \u0026 nbsp; said. The company has a deep historical foundation. Of course, the CEO does not forget to put his vision to the future.

further strengthening market leadership ]
\u0026 nbsp; \”Our purpose is to further promote business growth, and further strengthen market leadership \u0026 nbsp; first status through investment and targeted expansion. We have efficient architecture, advanced technology, intelligent innovation concepts, and -equally important -high -quality talents and powerful brands, \”Pack \u0026 nbsp; emphasizes.\” This self -confidence and optimistic aggressive spirit also contains in the consequences Romin \u0026 nbsp; new logo and image. \”

Expand the investment in technology and existing bases \u0026 nbsp;
The integrated business of methyl acrocolate Capital trust. This new holding company is one of the world’s largest investment companies. The private equity fund has cultivated more than 30 years in the chemical industry and has successfully completed more than 30 transactions. It has rich investment experience in this field.
\”We believe that Roms has the strong potential of becoming a global market and scientific and technological leaders in the field of methyl acrylic chemistry,\” said Ronald \u0026 Nbsp; Ayles To establish a partnership relationship with employees \u0026 nbsp; we will promote the sustainable development of Rom by investment and expansion. \”Under the support of Anhong Capital’s support, we can now inject important investment into the expansion of our technology and production facilities, thereby further strengthening the leading position of \u0026 nbsp; our market. \”\u0026 Nbsp; Pack said.
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Wide product portfolio for different application areas \u0026 nbsp;
product portfolio of Romim Co., Ltd. Including the world’s well -known organic glass (acrylic) brand Pokkyl \u0026 Reg; ..bao Keli \u0026 Reg; it has a wide range of applications in cars, aircraft portholes, screens or displays, architecture curtain walls, noise barrier or advertising logo.
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[ 123] Production of Pokél \u0026 Reg; \u0026 Nbsp; Time that cannot \u0026 nbsp; The absence of the nominate is methyl acrylic. ; Key products, etc., Rom’s product series also includes methyl acrylic resin for the production of industrial flooring and road marking lines, as well as the cyanide of precious metals in the mining industry.