High temperature and high humidity!Disman launched a new type of ArnPlastic Fiber Extruderite \u0026 Reg; Hydrolyzed PBT

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Arnite \u0026 reg; Essence New materials will provide high cost -effective solutions for high -temperature and humid environment applications (including car connectors
] Disman’s new type of hydrolyzed product can meet the increasing demand for the automotive market for high temperature resistance and high humidity materials. 2 [123 ] 123] The Royal Dutch Emman Group developed a new type of hydrolysis PBT
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, control equipment and sensors).

High temperature resistance This new type of hydrolyzed product can meet the automotive market The growing demand for high -temperature high -humidity materials is suitable for use, such as Disman Stanyl \u0026 Reg; PA46 and FORTII \u0026 Reg; PA4T


[ [ [ [ [ 123] Application of high -performance high -temperature resistant polyamide materials.

The global market manager of Disman Auto Electronics Mark Terlaak \u0026 nbsp; With the continuous use time and the peak temperature of the engine environment, polyamide 6 \u0026 nbsp; PIPE EXTRUSION LINE

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66 \u0026 nbsp; and standards pbt and other materials can no longer meet the requirements of specific applications. Suppliers at all levels Resolution to resist pbt as from these materialsConvert to the transition material of more expensive special materials solutions. \” No need to use armal stabilizer Terlaak Also It is pointed out that PBT The performance is better than the standard polyamide used for automotive electronics, because it does not need to use a thermal stabilizer (certain thermal stabilizers can cause metal contact corrosion), And because of its low hygroscopicity, it also guarantees high size stability

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Arnite Hydrolysis PBT The product is better than other aspects pbt ,,,,,,,, But the most significant advantage is: at uscar


3 4 ], 5 Type temperature / humidity environment and double 85 damp heat circulation test \u0026 nbsp; ( 85 85% Relative humidity \u0026 nbsp; ), in the length of 3000 , its mechanical properties have good maintenance in the hour. Rate. Terlaak pointed out that the product has excellent performance at 150 ℃. He added: \”Our product is in The liquidity and crystallization speed are better than almost all similar products, which can save the production cycle time and maintain good mechanical properties throughout the life cycle. \” In setting the target performance of the series of products, Disman not only considers the needs of the automotive industry, but also It also considers how the product will develop in the future to conform to the changes facing the automobile industry. With the increasing trend of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, this new product will face higher strength testing and verification standards.

] Disman is now launching two types [ 30 The new type of glass fiber enhancement

Arnite Hydrolyzed pbt Products, one of whichThe species improves silicon stickiness.After the combination of this series of products is perfect, it will cover the enhanced products including various brands of glass fiber, which will be 0.4 UL 94 ] Fire -fire levels are as high as v0 flame retardant products, impact modification products, and products to improve silicon sealing adhesive.