High -quality accurate matching China Plastic Granulating Lineplas launched professional online procurement and business matching platform

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

It is reported that due to the restrictions on travel during the epidemic, many buyers around the world cannot visit overseas trade exhibitions on the spot to find and master technical trends. Based on this, the organizer of China International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition launched CPS+ EMARKETPlace, which is a special online procurement and business matching platform to provide services for global buyers who seek plastic and rubber technology. It is understood that CPS+ EMARKETPlace is responsible for the organizer of the China International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition and is managed by its team. It includes more than 4,000 technology manufacturers provided by comprehensive and advanced and innovative products, so that global buyers can work with plastics and plastics from all over the world. Cooperation of rubber materials, machinery, semi -finished products and service providers. ChinaPlas2022.PNG global buyers can check product information on the platform, obtain quotation and convey their procurement needs, so that accurate and high -quality business matching can be performed anytime, anywhere. Use keywords to search for products or suppliers interested in, and use product categories, applications, countries/regions, etc. to further determine the results. You can also query or inquire through online one -to -one communication with the target supplier. It is reported that if the buyer does not know the choice of the product for the time being, they can also submit the procurement application form on the platform, and the professional team will match them with suitable suppliers and products. As of now, the platform has received procurement requests from Argentina, Australia, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Indonesia, South Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Peru, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United States and other countries. In addition, in order to enhance the procurement experience and promote the interaction with suppliers, the platform is about to launch LIVE CHAT. Buyers can directly contact the exhibitors to understand their product details and procurement needs.