Hi Granulation of PVC Waste Tea is \”green\”, and I put on Meituan and Kyan’s great play in inspiration and regeneration

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

1 hi tea cup is made into two mobile phone cases or three regenerative environmental protection bags -the \”Pleasant Tea Inspiration Regeneration Lab\” in Shanghai Changning Laofufushi Plaza, and the Aoyama Plan project jointly joined forces with Meituan takeaway -passed through The recycling and cycle of the one -time tea cup is found to find the back -end possibility of the happy tea cup.
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Modified granularity technology increases product toughness
According to the on -site staff, after recycling the tea cup, it will be broken. , Then clean up, after heating the heating machine melted, enter the injection molding machine for reshaping.

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At present, Xicha has recovered 1,000 kg of plastic cups and recycled 4,000 peripheral products. This includes inspirational recycled mobile phone cases and inspiration and environmental protection bags, luggage brands, etc.

Among them, each inspirationable recycled mobile phone case contains about 0.5 recycling cups; each inspirationable regenerative environmental protection bag contains about 0.33 recycling cups.

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Hi Tea said that the regeneration peripherals increased the toughness of the product through modified granularity technology, and and and and and and also, and It will not affect the quality of the material. The two products of the recycled mobile phone case and environmental protection bag have all submitted the application patent.

12 Shanghai Stores Open Happy Tea Plastic Cup Recycling
The premise of realizing the regeneration of the happy tea cup is the recycling collection of the tea cup. At present, Aoyama plans to set up a special Xixi Tea Plastic Cup recycling box in the following 12 Shanghai Xicha stores. After drinking the special tea in the store, the content of the plastic cup is poured into the wet garbage, and the empty cup is put into designated specified. recycle bin.

Cross -border jointly created peripheral products
The Aoyama Plan is the laboratory of the Qingshan Inspiration Recycling Laboratory In part of the part, Xicha also joined forces to jointly launch peripheral products in joint cross -border brands such as Super Plant Company, Stanley, and Kyanshi.
Limited products and products of environmental protection peripheral of environmental protection are launched with Keyan’s launching explosion net red avocado series. In addition to the newly listed avocado yogurt Bobo Ice and avocado coffee Bobo ice, there are also Xisha × Kyan’s co -branded environmentally friendly coasters.

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According to Xizha, 2 Xixi Tea and empty cups can be made into a regenerative coaster. The regenerative coaster is made of RPET material. The production process effectively reduces carbon dioxide emissions, saving nearly 80%of energy than conventional production of polyester fiber. \u0026 nbsp;
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Relax tea launched with Super Plant Company, with eternal Penglaatong as the mainIngredients can be kept permanently. The green planting device made of paper cups, egg tube cups and cup lids was also created at the scene to create a super green plant area.

6 gameplay encourages environmental protection Regenerative use

As a representative of new restaurants, since this year, Xicha has frequently moved environmental protection. For example, in June, Xixi Tea officially launched the Xicha Environmental Protection Plan, including the launch of green environmental protection paper straws, encouraging the use of its own cups, encouraging recycling, creating green tea space, and implementing garbage classification. Among them, encouraging cyclic use, the scheme given by Xiza is: secondary creation to stimulate inspiration.
The outer and drinking paper cups and paper cups provided by the Xicha store are made of recyclable materials. Pleasant tea encourages consumers to recycling paper bags, paper cups and cups, and even \”artistic creation\”.
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DIYI Pleasant Tea on action (picture from the Internet).

The spirit of this \”second creation\” prompted Xicha Lianmeituan Takeaway to launch Aoyama Plan.

\u0026 nbsp; As a representative of the new -born tea drink, Hi Tea has expanded rapidly in the past two or three years. According to its official website, in 2018, Xicha has 163 stores across the country; as of November 7, 2019, the number of stores in Xicha has reached 349.
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Its founder Nie Yunzhang once revealed that the average amount of cups of Xicha stores was nearly 2,000 cups/day. Beijing Chaoyang Dayue City Store also set a single 5,200 cup sales record in 2018. After the high -speed growth sales data, the use of the tea cup is also growing sharply. How to circulate these disposable plastic cups and look forward to Xixi Tea to explore more sustainable regeneration inspiration.