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The full -electric injection molding machine adopts
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威猛巴顿菲尔机械设备(上海)有限公司总经理刘毅。 Weeng Barton Fei Fei Liu Yi, general manager of Er Machinery Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd..
K 2019 ) showed smart machines with adaptive algorithms These algorithms can be adjusted according to environmental conditions. The entire motor at the scene Ecopower 55/350
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Casting mold to make polycarbonate jackets. In the live demonstration,

hiq-flow compensated the effect of material viscosity fluctuations, thereby ensuring stability of quality and eliminating waste products. The bad parts that deliberately produced in order to demonstrate the purpose are new G-MAX 9 The vacuum conveyor device connected to the granulator is then returned directly to the hopper. Weiger Barton Phil also showed the production of cosmetics packaging containing biological base composers Zeroplast Free . The biological base complex contains three different ingredients. It is injected into injection molding on multiple component machines Ecopower 240/1100H/130L Combimould .

This kind of biological base natural materials are not only recyclable, biocontroling, no genetic and chemical additives, but also meet the needs of industrial users. According to Weiger Barton Phil PIPE EXTRUSION LINE General Manager of Machinery Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Liu Yi introduced, [ 123] This machine can accommodate materials that are classified as paper instead of plastic after special configuration.

\”This material can be degraded within six months. The price is not much different from other commonly used plastic materials, and it can even be cheaper. We believe that the circular economy is the future development of the circular economy. Observation. If we can produce environmentally friendly products at low cost, it is beneficial to everyone. \”Liu Yi added. \u0026 nbsp;

\”This material can be degraded within six months. The price is not much different from other commonly used plastic materials. It can even be cheaper. We believe that the circular economy is the direction of future development. If processors can produce environmental protection products at low cost, it is beneficial to the development of society. \”Liu Yi added. Liu Yi proposed that although the market prospects are unclear and not very optimistic next year, the audience’s feedback on exhibits is positive. \”During the exhibition, we have a lot of projects to further confirm, including injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.\” Liu Yi said. Most of these customers come from Europe and the United States, and they have considered these projects before the exhibition. At the same time, many Chinese customers are exploring the possibility of mechanical upgrade,

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The automation equipment of the year did not fully support the function of the industry

4.0 .

\”Mechanical upgrade and automation are the main concerns of Chinese customers. We in China in China. Many long -term customers need technology upgrade. They have begun to discuss this issue with them. \”Liu Yi explained.

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said that after the continued growth of the past 10 Barton Phil’s business is facing slowing down. It is expected that 2019 The sales of the year will be 3.77 billion euros, and

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He commented, 2020 The business of the year will be difficult to predict, but he is not optimistic because the company enters 2020 The backlog of the year is much lower than 2019 [ [ 123] Year. Michael Wittmann pointed out that due to Germany’s serious dependence on the automotive market, economic recession has the most serious blow to Germany. High -value capital products in the industry are declining, especially in the automotive industry, many first -level suppliers have stopped various investment

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