Good performance!Akoma’s third quarter sales increased year year year 2.china sheet extruder3%

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The chairman and CEO of the Arkma Group Hénff)
阿科玛集团董事长兼首席执行官雷埃纳夫(Thierry Le Hénaff)
Arko The Chairman and CEO of the Ma Group, Thierry Le Hénaff
Recent Sales increased year -on -year
2.3%, reaching 2.216 billion euros, thanks to the increase of sales of 0.7%;
Taxation depreciation and pre -amortized profits (EBITDA) remained very good, to be a very good level, to be a very good level. 385 million euros, an increase of 3%compared with the record level in 2018, and driven by special product business growth;

In a more challenging and uncertain macroeconomic environment, tax depreciation and pre -amortization profit margins It is high -strength and tough, at 17.4%(17.3%in the third quarter of 2018);
  • After adjustment, the net revenue benefited from it 166 million euros, equivalent to 7.5%of the sales;
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  • The cash creation ability is strong, free cash flow has reached 218 million euros, which is consistent with the first half of the year;
  • net liabilities were 1.77 billion euros (1.2 times the LTM \u0026 NBSP; EBITDA), including recent acquisition of Arbai, (ARRMAZ) and the remaining equity of our shared parties in Shengke;
  • With the functional polyolefin business stripping plan announced on October 14, the company continued to transform to special product portfolios. In response to this performance and performance, the chairman and CEO of the Arcma Group, Thierry \u0026 Nbsp; Le \u0026 Nbsp; Hénaff) emphasized the following points:
  • Group Continue to transform into a combination of special products, including the divestiture plan of functional polyolefin business, the acquisition of PROCHIMIR and Lambson, and the production capacity of serving 3D printing and battery market polymer.
  • The performance in the third quarter showed the differentiation trend between different product lines of the group, and confirmed the development trend of special product businessThe head, especially the three major growth pillars, around the three major growth pillars around the adhesive, advanced materials and high -performance coatings.
  • Thanks to the strong pricing, optimized product portfolio, more favorable raw material environment, and the integration of Arrmaz, although the sales volume is slightly lower, the tax depreciation and stalls of Akoma’s special product business and stalls Prolords before sales have been greatly increased.

The profitability of the bonding agent has continued to grow strongly before the amortization, which has increased strongly in the constant range by nearly 20%compared with the third quarter of 2018. Although acrylic acid and MMA/PMMA have strong toughness, the significant decline in fluoride gas has a negative impact on the overall performance of the intermediate.
  • Looking for 2019
  • In the fourth quarter, it is expected that the macroeconomic environment will continue to be turbulent and complicated, showing the instability of geopolitics, and the instability of geopolitics. This will affect global demand and lead to fluctuations in raw materials. Against such a background, Akoma will continue to pay attention to the implementation of internal driving force and long -term strategy.

Therefore, the group will continue to carry out its industrial projects, implement excellent operating plans, enhance the innovative driving force for sustainable development and liquidity, and promote target acquisition. In the fourth quarter, it was mainly affected by the sharp decline in fluorine gas, and the intermediate business would be much lower than last year. However, under the promotion of the positive development momentum of Bosty glue and high -performance coatings and the contribution of ARRMAZ, special products will continue to grow steadily; at the same time Impact.
Comprehensive performance in the first three quarters, while paying attention to the macroeconomic development, Akoma confirmed its grand goal, and its financial performance was to be consolidated at a high level. In 2019, \u0026 nbsp; Realization and 2018 Creating a record level of equal tax depreciation and pre -amortization profits.