Global Difference Between AC and DC Wire capacity will increase by 50%!Arkma builds a new biological base PA11 factory in Singapore

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Akoma is planning to start producing amino eleven acid monomers and its flagship products Rilsan \u0026#174; PA11 (PA11) high -performance polymer in the new factory of Jurong Island, Singapore in the first half of next year, which means Acoma Global capacity of PA11 will increase by 50%. The factory’s production raw materials come from 100%derived of recycled rice seed seeds. WeChat pictures_20210423172636.jpg passed this grand plan announced in 2017, and Akoma is fulfilling its firm promise in special materials and biological PA11 series. After the project is completed, the Singapore factory will become the world’s largest biological base monomer and polymer integration plant, which is specially used to produce high -performance polymers. This means that the global production capacity of the Akma PA11 will increase by 50%. Akoma’s total investment in the region is about 450 million euros, including investment in downstream polyamide capacity in China. In order to raise financing for the Singapore New Factory, Acoma successfully issued its first green bond in October 2020 with a total amount of 300 million euros. This investment provides support for the strong growth of high -performance biological cycle recycling materials. The excellent performance of Rilsan \u0026#174; PA11 is well -known worldwide, and it has promoted the development of rapid growth in rapid growth fields such as new energy vehicles, 3D printing, and consumer goods, electronic products, sports products and lifestyles. \”We are glad to maintain the momentum and speed of construction,\” said Erwoan Pezron, senior vice president of Akoma’s high -performance polymer business department, \”After facing the early challenges brought by the global epidemic, we all strive to use all our efforts to use all our best It is currently entering the peak construction period of construction. It is expected that 2,000 workers will be constructed on the spot in summer. \”