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Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The omnipresent wireless recognition technology

An RFID chip with only ant head size is the biggest highlight of this year’s CEBIT, and the entire 6th exhibition hall revolves around RFID. RFID is a wireless recognition technology. It is a very widely used network technology. It scan the chip -based electronic label through wireless radio waves to realize the identification of objects Pelletizing Line . In 2006, the German World Cup ticket will be applied for the first time to prevent the inverted tickets and other unsafe factors. This is the beginning of ticket innovation. In the future, football league, large concerts, large international conferences, and even air tickets and train tickets can be effectively managed through RFID technology.

In the 6th exhibition hall, Germany’s largest chain supermarket Madron Group rented a large -scale booth to promote its \”future supermarket\” concept. According to this concept, all products in the supermarket will be affixed with RFID electronic tags in the future. For example, when the clothing is purchased from the factory, each piece of clothing has an electronic label, the boxed box, and an electronic label on the transport container. In this way, after the goods enter the warehouse, the manager can scan through wireless radio waves to quickly and accurately understand the number of goods. At the same time, the supermarket is also clear at a glance for the clothes sold every day. When choosing clothing, customers can understand the texture fabrics and manufacturers of clothes through the electronic scanner in front of the mirror. A few years ago, Metro Group opened the first supermarket in Duisburg based on this concept. In the next few years, it will be a good time for RFID electronic labels to travel in logistics and retail.

In the field of security, the application of RFID technology has also begun to popularize. The Frankfurt Airport and Tokyo Airport in Japan jointly applied this technology to improve the efficiency of luggage security inspection. Tokyo can be seen soon in the data detected by Frankfurt Electronic Scanner. The new version of the German passport also applies RFID technology, which records the name, birth information and digital photos of the passport owner, and has a better anti -counterfeiting effect. Germany Daimler-Chrysler installed an RFID chip on children’s car mounts, which can open airbags at the fastest speed when accidents occur. Since the beginning of the year, all newly registered pet dogs have been required to carry RFID chips for management. With the further development of wireless identification technology, the fields of its applications can continue to expand.

Intel Company and Texas Instrument Company, European Intellectuals, European Faying, ZMD and Philips are the leading companies of the world semiconductor technology and the main manufacturers of RFID chips. In Germany, another important role is Siemens. This Munich company is the market \”leader\” of the European industrial identification system. In order to increase RFID’s additional computing capabilities and necessary programs, some IT software companies are desperately trying to get a share. The German SAP Company designed RF for the Metro Group for warehousingID special software.HP will invest $ 150 million in 5 years to develop RFID technology, and IBM is even planned to invest $ 250 million for this.