\”Future Construction CHINA SHEET EXTRUDER MACHINE\” Customized thermal insulation door window?Koschuang polyurethane solution does this

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123] Dr. Li Qian, Vice President of the Asia Pacific R \u0026 D of Koschuang Polyure, said: Energy -saving doors and windows solutions. Relying on global research and development power, Koschuang joins hands with partners to continuously innovate, and is committed to providing a solution with excellent performance and reasonable costs for the door and window industry. \”
As the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development continuously put forward new requirements for low energy consumption buildings, how to meet comfortable comfort is comfortable. The premise of reducing building energy consumption and taking into account the sustainability of the environment has become the focus of the development of China’s residential building industry. Because doors and windows are the key points for the loss of energy consumption of residential buildings, the application of energy -saving and innovative materials in the field of doors and windows has also been. Become a major trend of the green development of Chinese residential buildings.
Future architecture \”renderings.\” The glass fiber enhance the polyurethane energy fire -saving and fire -resistant window solution to further respond to the country’s call for environmental and energy -saving residential buildings, and lead China to China Construction technology is constantly developing in the direction of ultra -low, near zero and zero energy consumption.
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Recent For the provider, Koschuang actively participated in the \”Future Residential Architecture Energy and Environmental Experimental Platform\” project initiated by the Chinese Academy of Architecture Sciences, and joined hands with industry partners Zhejiang Deyi Long Technology Co., Ltd. The project creates customized worship \u0026 reg;

Polyurethane material innovation, which helps to promote the performance of building doors and windows comprehensively Koschuang’s Bai Duo developed for the \”Future Architecture\” project

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Blot fiber reinforcement of polyurethane energy -saving refractory windows, using continuous glass fiber to enhance polyurethane composite Material with hydrophilic polyurethane coating. The profile is based on the alkaline -free glass fiber gauze as the enhanced material. The polyurethane resin is the substrate resin. Water -based polyurethane coatings are coated on the surface of composite material profiles, providing surface protection, and can achieve a variety of colors and effects according to design. In response to the energy environment required by the project’s \”future architecture\”, Koschuang joined forces to jointly customize the following three doors and windows solutions through the application of the material:

For the whole window


] 1.5 requirements , Koschuang provided two solutions. Among them, \”pure insulation 65 Flat -open series\” uses a full polyurethane profile, which is suitable for various doors and windows items. This profile has the advantages of ultra -low thermal conductivity, reliable low temperature resistance, outstanding mechanical properties, and longer service life. At the same time, because the linear thermal expansion coefficient of the material is very close to the concrete, the window frame and the wall can avoid the gap due to the difference in thermal expansion and contraction. and \”Dabo Bridge 65 Pingkai series\” door and windows \”using Koscho polyurethane use The profile is used as a thermal insulation bridge and is covered with aluminum materials on the surface. Polyurethane composite materials, as the internal heat insulation core, are enough to bear the fixing force of the upper wall, and the weight of all glass layers to ensure the wind pressure resistance of the entire window, and to integrate the heat insulation and the stress.

To meet the requirements of the entire window k , the value of the value is lower than 0.8 Created \”


Flat -open series\” full polyurethane profile. This profile uses a polyurethane composite material, which can meet the energy -saving requirements of \”passive rooms\”. The outer window uses glass fiber to enhance polyurethane, equipped with double layers LOW-E filling qi Hollow glass ,,,,, The entire window k low as low as 0.77W/(m 2 \u0026#8226; K) .In addition, the scheme uses a dedicated auxiliary box, which has good energy saving, corrosion resistance and waterproof sealing function. At the same time, the latest generation of water -based polyurethane environmentally friendly coatings developed by Koschuang has excellent weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance and anti -aging performance.This system has excellent attachment capabilities on the surface of polyurethane material to enhance the polyurethane material, which can effectively cover and improve the surface flatness of the bottom material, realize different effects such as metal, scrub surface, and solid color, and meet personalized decorative needs. In the future, Koschuko will deepen the cooperation with local industrial chain partners such as Deyilong to carry out the collaborative innovation of building materials to respond to the state’s energy -saving and environmental protection of the country.High requirements and injecting new kinetic energy into China’s green construction industry, further promoting the maintenance of local construction formats.