Fu Plastic Sheet ExtRusion Companies, Boss, Global Listed Companies of 2000 announced 60 chemical companies shortlisted

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Tao DuPont led the chemical industry and ranked 81st. Tao DuPont led the chemical industry and ranked 81st. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ranks among the top 2,000. 60 chemical companies on the list: 123 Recently, \”Forbes\” magazine released the 2019 \”Global Top 2000 Listed Companies\”. Enterprises in 61 countries around the world are on the list. Among them, the United States is still the biggest winner. There are 575 companies on the list of \”Top 2000 listed companies in the world\” in 2019. Mainland China and Hong Kong ranked second. A total of 309 companies were on the list, while Japan’s listing companies have 223 companies. Compared to the first \”Fortune Global Listed Companies\” in 2003, \”Forbes\” magazine, the distribution pattern of the list of companies on the list has changed. Thinking that the United States had 776 companies on the list, while the mainland of China and Hong Kong owned. 43 are on the list. In addition, among the top ten companies on the list, Chinese companies occupy half of the rivers and mountains, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which are first, as well as China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Ping An Insurance and Bank of China. 60 chemical enterprises were listed on the list from China According to statistics from China Chemical News, 60 chemical companies were on the list, with total assets of about 1.3 trillion US dollars and total profits of about 1.2 trillion US dollars. Seven Chinese chemical companies have ranked among the top 2000, namely: Taiwan chemical, South Asia Plastic, Formosa Plastics, Wanhua Chemistry, Zhejiang Longsheng Group, Far East New Century and Jiantao Holdings. There are 32 comprehensive chemical companies on the list: Tao DuPont led the chemical industry, ranking 81st, with revenue in 2018, $ 86 billion, and profit of US $ 3.8 billion; Bascus ranked second, ranking 99th, with revenue for revenue, and revenue is. $ 76.2 billion, profit of $ 5.6 billion; Saudi Basic Industry Corporation (SABIC) ranked 122 yuan, with revenue of US $ 45.1 billion and profit of $ 5.7 billion. Three Chinese comprehensive chemical companies were on the list, South Asia Plastic (649), Zhejiang Longsheng Group (1620) and Far East New Century (1684). There are 28 professional chemical manufacturers on the list: France ranks the highest in liquefied air, ranking 268th, with revenue of $ 24.8 billion and a profit of US $ 2.5 billion; South Korea ’s LG chemistry follows closely, ranking 468th, with revenue of 256 $ 100 million, profit of 1.3 billion US dollars; Yikang ranked 512 yuan, revenue of $ 14.7 billion, and profit of $ 1.4 billion. There are 4 professional chemical manufacturers in China on the list, namely: Taiwan Chemical (609), Formosa Plastics (758), Wanhua Chemistry (820), Jiantao Holdings (1704).