From October 2nd, these six disposable plastics China PVC Sheet Extrusion Line will be disabled in India!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] \”The ban is comprehensive and will cover the production, use and import of these items.\” A official said.
The coverage of the plastic order includes plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic disks, plastic bottles, straws and small bags of specific types.
A volunteer collects garbage in Mumbai Beach, India. (Picture source: Reuters) . This is the largest banned plastic measures launched by India to eliminate disposable plastics within the urban and rural areas. India’s plastic pollution is a serious global level.
[ According to Reuters,
India will implement plastic bags for plastic bags, cups and straws nationwide from October 2
According to two officials, Prime Minister Narendramodi will lead the movement on October 2nd Independence Day to implement the ban on six disposable plastics.
In the Independent Day speech on August 15, Modi urged the public and government agencies to \”take the first step\” on October 2 to get rid of one -time plastic.
\u0026 nbsp; Plastic pollution has increasingly attracted global attention, especially marine pollution. Studies have shown that nearly 50 % of disposable plastic products eventually flow into the ocean, causing marine life to die and enter the human food chain.
Officials said that
will also require e -commerce companies to reduce plastic packaging, which will consume the annual plastic consumption in this field by nearly 40 % of India’s overall annual plastic consumption.

The popularity of smartphones and the surge in the number of Internet users have promoted the orders of e -commerce, such as the Flipkart of Amazon and Wal -Mart. And cosmetics increased plastic consumption.