French makeup Siti Differentce Between Acnen AC Wire and DC Wire red replacement new outfits, this time use PCTG lipstick tube

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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Siti decided to decide Upgrade its makeup series into a more modern packaging, such as a magnetic buckle and closing.
Siti’s new lipstick adopts anode aluminum inner tube, the shell is the shell is the shell is The patented packaging design of Texen Beauty Partners -a black PCTG tube cover without glue or lubricant, with a diameter of 12.7 mm. French luxury packaging companies designed for Givenchy, Dior and other brands for Givenchy
French makeup brand Siti ( Sothys ) Recently released new packaging of its makeup products.
思蒂新款口红包装采用阳极氧化铝内管,外壳则是采用了Texen Beauty Partners的专利包装设计——不含胶水或润滑剂的黑色PCTG管套,直径为12.7毫米。
Texen Beauty Partners

color number, anode aluminum inner tube, the shell is ] Texen Beauty Partners Patent packaging design -black or lubricant black pctg

Tube cover, diameter 12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 [12.7 123] millimeter.


is a variant of diol modifiers, similar to PETG . It is reported PCTG It has a highly resistant chemical, larger print temperature range and durability. In addition to changing the new packaging for lipstick products, Siti also released three new packaging powder and two new packaging ones.Eyebrow powder.

These products are packaged in black boxes, built -in glass mirrors and magnetic buckles, highlighting matte and shiny texture. The packaging boxes of powder cakes and eyebrow powder are dyed ABS Materials and matte paint for production, and in powder and eyebrow powder logo Medal is printed in the middle.