\”For the world, zero waste\” – SABIC Global Compounding Twin Screw Extruder Enterprise Social Responsibility Project Land in China

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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] At the same time, we will continue to focus on China and the foundation, and we will be committed to comprehensively helping China to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development. \” Under the guidance of the Office of the Psychological Civilization Construction Committee and the Ecological Environment Bureau, the Shanghai Daily Public Welfare Community Campaign with the main form of environmental protection market collection has been officially launched a few days ago.
\”By condensing the consensus and strength of partners from all walks of life, our new ‘is the world, zero waste’ project is about to realize in China Fully landing. Through this project, SABIC hopes to further fulfill our corporate social responsibility in China, and promote the orderly advancement of garbage classification work with all sectors of society and stimulate the public’s participation in urban public affairs. Passion.
Sabic \”is the world, zero waste\” \u0026 nbsp; projectThe landing in China not only responded to the government’s call for garbage classification in a timely manner, but also highlighted SABIC’s unremitting efforts to promote the sustainable development and prosperity of the community, and to fully fulfill its corporate social responsibility.
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123] The world’s leading diversified chemical enterprise Saudi Basic Industry (SABIC) recently announced that its global corporate social responsibility project- \”for the world, zero waste\” (Waste \u0026 Nbsp; Free \u0026 NBSP; Environment) will be fully launched in China.
In the week of July 20th to 27th, SABIC will be based on the concept of \”chemical achievement you and me \u0026#8482;\”, and a series of public welfare activities such as environmental protection markets and parent -child workshops as the carrier Actively fulfill the social responsibility of corporate corporate, and work together with partners from the government, media and volunteers to work together to transform green environmental protection concepts into social consensus and community actions.
\”For the world, zero waste\” is SABIC’s new global corporate social responsibility project launched by SABIC, which aims to advocate waste reduction and deepen people’s cognition and support for the circular economy. On July 1st, the \”Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipality in Shanghai\”, which has received much attention, has been officially implemented. Shanghai not only took the lead in entering the \”compulsory era\” of garbage classification, but also strongly responded to President Xi Jinping The important instructions made a few days ago- \”garbage classification work is new fashion\”.
Li Leijin, vice president of SABIC and president of North Asia, pointed out:
On July 20, SABIC’s \”for the world, zero waste\” project will first come to Jing’an Temple Street, Jing’an District with the environmental protection market, and will enter Jiuting Town, Songjiang District on July 27 to go to The public promotes the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development practice.

In the above two -stop environmental protection market activities, SABIC, as a global leading company in the chemical industry, will share the company in various forms such as on -site display, plastic bottle recycling and marble expansion interactive games. Innovative practice in the circular economy and sustainable development.

At the same time, SABIC will further jointly join the commercial ecological studio on July 21 to organize a parent -child workshop for the Kangqiao Community to organize the theme of \”Where is the garbage?\” The necessity and benefits of encourage and guide more citizens to actively participate in the garbage classification work in their families.

Parent -child families participating in the event will first participate in the community walking link outdoors, experience the \”where the garbage comes from, where to go\”, and in the subsequent environmental protection classroom telling stories and Bin Guo games, etc. The interactive link deepen the understanding of the process of waste generation, classification, treatment, and recycling.

In addition to the new \”world, zero waste\” project that is about to land in China, SABIC also continued to carry out a series of global corporate social responsibility projects including \”lighting the future\” and \”giving back campuses\”.

In May of this year, Sabic joined hands with non -profit organization youth achievements (JA \u0026 NBSP; China) for the third consecutive year to host the \”Lighting Future\” sustainable development design challenge.

In addition, Sabic \”giving back campus\” also ushered in a new milestone this year.Student Chemical Creative Design Challenge (2019 hacker).