For the first time made of plastic waste, Liandbasier launched a commercial scale polymer, Extruder for PVC cable

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Liandbasul (New York Stock Exchange code: LYB) announced that it is located in the German Weslin factory, and by extracting raw materials from plastic waste to create high -quality initial polymer (Virgin Polymers), towards the promotion of the circular economy The grand goal took another step. After the plastic waste is transformed through thermal transfer, it is converted into ethylene and acrylic in the production facilities of Liandbasser, and then processed into polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) in the downstream equipment of plastic production. LyondellBasell.png Lyiandebasul made raw materials with plastic waste. This is the first time the Liandbasar factory in Wislin, Germany. This is the first time Liandbasul has used raw materials from plastic waste to produce plastic materials. Earlier, Liandbasul successfully made plastic materials with renewable raw materials such as edible oil, which helped reduce carbon dioxide in the product life cycle and reduce the use of fossil -based raw materials. \”Promoting the cycle Pelletizing Line The economy needs clear actions, and uses the business scale model to continuously use these new raw materials to produce polymers. \”Richard Roudeix, senior vice president of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, and the senior vice president of polyolefins,\” We are through our Circulen brand and recycling to expand the scope of our sustainable solutions as to Our customers provide a wide range of applications to use recycling polymers. \”The Circulen series products launched by Liandbasle Company are made of recycled and renewable raw materials to help brand owners improve consumer goods sustainability. They can be used to produce high -quality plastics in the field of strict control and control, such as food packaging and medical supplies. The facilities produced by Liandbasul have passed ISCC (international sustainable development and carbon certification) PLUS standard certification. Liand Basser promised that by 2030, the carbon dioxide emissions per ton of products in its global business will be 15%reduced compared with the level of 2015; by 2030, the annual production and sales of 2 million tons can be recycled or renewable polymer Essence