For the first time for Porsche 911 soft top convertible this China Plastic Sheet Machine, thermoplastic compound material helps achieve lightweight, energy saving and emission reduction

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Tepex can be used to make lightweight A -pillar for Porsche 3D mixed design, mainly used Drives such as convertibles, convertible sports cars.
Tepex can be used for production For the lightweight A -pillar for Porsche 3D mixed design, it is mainly used for cars such as convertibles, convertible sports cars. TEPEX is a series of continuous fiber enhanced thermoplastic composite material series owned by Special Chemical Company Langson, which can be used for lightweight applications for the design of passenger vehicle structure components. Under normal circumstances, these applications need to meet a series of extremely strict requirements in collision. For example,
TEPEX can be used to make lightweight A -pillar for Porsche 3D mixed design.
is mainly used for cars such as convertibles, convertible sports cars, and for the first time in Porsche 911 soft -top convertible.
This type of A pillar contains an embedded parts made of high-strength steel. The internal support of the embedded parts is the reference of the polyamide-6 base Tepex \u0026 nbsp; dynalite \u0026 nbsp; 102-eRG600 (2)/47%system The molded ingredients and the enhanced tendon structure made of DUREThan \u0026 Nbsp; AKV30H2.0. Among them, the main raw materials of Durethan \u0026 Nbsp; AKV30H2.0 are polyamide 66 and short glass fiber.
The entire mixed embedded parts of the L-5235 structural foam developed by L \u0026 Amp; L \u0026 Nbsp; Products are friction and staggering. Ability , the weight is reduced by about 5 kilograms at the same time.
This move can reduce the focus of the vehicle, thereby improving the dynamic performance of the vehicle and helping energy conservation and emission reduction.

Structural lightweight body design contains unlimited potential

\”This hybrid A pillar excellent mechanical performance proof, with steel plates and Tepex billet materials , DureThan polyamide 6 or polyamide 66 modifiers as post-injection molding materials, and mixed components based on structural foam such as L-5235 can provide huge performance potential for the lightweight design of the body structure. This material is especially suitable for Electric vehicles, due to bulky batteriesThey have a high impact quality, and the weight reduction allows the process to be applied to more electric vehicles. \”Ronrik \u0026 Nbsp; Plaggenborg explained by Ronason Gaogao Performance Materials Business Department (HPM). Battery components or door components, etc. are vital components for car safety.

One step -by -step injection molding process
These hybrid composite materials The component is developed and manufactured by the US L \u0026 AMP; L \u0026 Nbsp; Products in the factory of Strasbourg, Alsace, France. L \u0026 AMP; L \u0026 Nbsp; Products is committed to being sealing, acoustic, vibrating, and composite material components, etc. The field is innovative and so enjoys a reputation.

The first step of manufacturing enhanced components is to take a step in the TEPEX blank with the help of hybrid forming technology. Subsequently, the bubble adhesion system based on epoxy resin is heated and expands, covering it over the cover, covering it in the heat and covering it to cover it and covering it in the cover and covering it. After molding composite components.

After the cover is completed, the components are installed directly on the body, and the two are processed through the cathode soaking (KTL) process at the same time. A high -intensity steel plate adhesive on the A -pillar shell, which then produces a hybrid enhancement embedded. Finally, this component will enter the fully automated manufacturing process developed by Porsche to receive continuous quality inspection.

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123] Help parts design

As part of its HIANT customer service, Langson provided comprehensive support for Porsche and L \u0026 AMP; L \u0026 NBSP; Products during the development of mixed embedded parts and A -pillar. \”We provide services such as simulation Tepex (hanging) molding, filling in the filling process after simulation, and calculation of warning. We have also confirmed the material characteristics to simulate the mechanical properties of the A -pillar and provide these data to Porsche. \”HPM Application Development Expert Marie \u0026 Nbsp; Olivé said.

The first all -plastic brake pedal
In addition, tepex \u0026 nbsp; dynalite has been used for Another key safety component of Porsche in batches -braking pedal. With the help of mixed formation process, this material has been integrated in Porsche 918 \u0026 nbsp; SPYDER, Porsche Macan and Porsche Panamera \u0026 nbsp; NF and other models.

The mass -produced all -plastic brake pedal, this part has won the first prize of the \”2016 Automobile Innovation Award\” body of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE).