Filament Machine in 2015 in Zhejiang Province

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Industrial robots are one of the key manufacturing equipment in Zhejiang Province. ] \”). The following are the areas and content related to rubber and plastic:
Recently, the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission announced the \”Key areas of high -end equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province (
2015 [123
\u0026 nbsp;
[ 123] High -performance plastic equipment
Including: energy -saving plastic injection molding machine; high -speed energy -saving plastic extruded units; multi -layer co -squeezing smart blowing plastic units; servo driving plastic injection molding machines; micro -holes issuing Bubble plastic injection molding machine; large dual screw extruded granulum units; large -scale aramid reaction extrusion units; carbon fiber pre -immersed adhesive crew.

\u0026 nbsp;

Comprehensive utilization of resources 123] Including: recycling of waste plastic composite materials and comprehensive utilization technical equipment; 2-10


] Year PET The bottle processing line.

High -performance additive manufacturing equipment Including: refinement and squeezing 3D printer; excitementLight curing 3D

printer; laser powder selective sintering

3D printer.

\u0026 nbsp; mold ] Including: engine plastic intake manifold, aircraft interior decoration precision injection molding mold; C Class vehicle overall body mold and automobile parts fast multi -station high -precision stamping mold; stack layer layer; overlap layer layer Mold, rotating complex and high-efficiency precision plastic mold; ultra-strong steel plate thermal pressure forming mold; ultra-high-speed precision stamping molds, integrated circuits and multiple columns SOT-23 High-speed stamping mold; oversized ultra-thin Type

LED TV large precision stamping mold, high -gloss injection molding mold; metal powder injection molding mold.

\u0026 nbsp; Industrial robot 123] Including industrial robots such as welding, forging, casting, carrying, carrying, assembly, climbing wall climbing; security, inspection, explosion, and environmental protection robot systems used in special environments; servo motors, precision reducers, servo drives, end execution Core components such as robots such as device, sensor. \u0026 nbsp; High -performance packaging equipment


Including: pharmaceutical intelligent packaging line; food intelligent packaging line; home appliance intelligent packaging line; hose filled tail full automatic packaging machine.