FILAMENT EXTRUDER MACHINE application status quo in the medical device

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For the first time, people used synthetic polymer materials -race Lulu membranes are used as artificial kidneys made by dialysis membranes in clinical success. Polymer materials are gradually replacing traditional inorganic materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, and aphamium.
Skull repair films. century 30
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Photo: 颅骨修补片。 \u0026 nbsp;
123] Medical equipment involves multiple industries such as medicine, machinery, electronics, and plastic. Among them, plastic medical equipment has developed rapidly. Since 20

This is because of this because : (1) Polymer materials have good physical mechanical properties and chemical stability, more suitable for medical field use;

] (2)

Polymer materials are rich in sources and low prices. It is suitable for making disposable medical supplies to avoid disinfection and secondary use of traditional material products due to high prices. The problem of infection; (3) Plastic has or more easily modified tissue compatibility and blood compatibility products; [ 123] (4) Plastic production cost is low, suitable for a variety of molding methods, easy to addGongcheng complex shapes and develop new medical products. \u0026 nbsp; Medical equipment plastic Preparation requirements

\u0026 nbsp;

as a Medical equipment products are the first requirement of the safety and effectiveness of the product, and the effectiveness must also be effective on the basis of product safety assurance. The safety of medical plastic products is mainly for the use of post -treatment of products, medical staff, patients and products. In order to meet the safety requirements of plastic medical devices, it is necessary to consider the design of the product, the selection of raw materials, the production process and processing production process of plastic medical device products, whether the production environment, and whether the product quality and technical indicators meet the requirements.

\u0026 nbsp; Compared with ordinary plastic, Medical plastic requirements are high:

(1) Because most monomers and its poison are poisonous, medical plastics are strict Restrictions;

(2) Plastic cannot be exposed to reactors, metal catalysts, etc. during the aggregation process, often contains trace metal ions, according to medical plastics, which are medical plastics. The national standard requirements are clearly stipulated in the residue of metal ions such as zinc, lead, cadmium, copper, tin, and tin;


It is used for medical plastics的树脂要求纯度较高、分子量分布较窄;(4)塑料在加工或改性过程中需要添加各种助剂,如在Medical pvc The amount of plasticizer in the product is often as high as 30-60% ], So it is required to use non -toxic additives as much as possible. In long -term use, it is necessary to prevent or reduce the precipitation of the auxiliary to avoid affecting the performance and the treatment effect of the product; (5) [ 123] According to the requirements of medical plastics, the products are often required to have surface hydrophilicity, anticoagulation, radiation resistance and other functions. \u0026 nbsp;

The status of the market status of plastic medical consumables

\u0026 nbsp ;

Guangpu medical consumables \u0026 nbsp;

Including: infusion, syringe, blood transfusion, blood collection needle, medical dressing, scarf gloves, etc. Major domestic production enterprises: Weigao Group, Xinhua Medical Devices, Chengdu Xinjin Master, Jiangxi Hongda, etc.

\u0026 nbsp;

Guangpu medical consumables The scale is large, the market is large, the use is wide, and the added value is characterized by the characteristics. For example, the current number of domestic producer companies in China exceeds

200 Home, the number of industry brands is


[ 123] Multiple. Each factory is produced on average every day 14 Thousands of thousands of thousands, about 140 In addition to meeting domestic needs, exports account for about 30% . my country’s disposable syringe 300 There are about more than a dozen self -destructive syringe production scale, which not only can meet the needs of the domestic market, but also Can be exported a lot. For major manufacturers in the industry, technology is relatively mature. 2006 Annual injection export 1.21 billion U.S. dollars, a year -on -year increase [[ 123] 47.33% , the export area is obvious, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai Institute The proportion reaches 73.57% . Wide -spectrum consumables are gradually achieving large -scale, automated, and continuously increasing technical levels. New products such as precision infusion, pre -filled injection, and safe blood collection needle not only ensure product safety, but alsoAdded added value. \u0026 nbsp; breathing anesthesia

\u0026 nbsp;

Including: Convented phlegm pipe, stress extension tube, breathing anesthesia circuit, breathing mask, first aid breathing ball, atomized pill, tracheal tube, alien tracheal intubation, anesthesia puncture package, tracheal intubation package, ordinary sputum absorption, ordinary sputum absorption Tube, two -cavity throat.

\u0026 nbsp;


\u0026 nbsp; includes: (123]

1 ) Outdoor drainage device: drain the cerebrospinal device outside the brain to the outside of the body. (

2 ) Precision brain outdoor drainage device: Based on the outdoor drainage device of the brain, an intracranial pressure measurement function is added, and the intracranial pressure of patients can be measured by gravity measurement. Essence ( 3

Limbolt Disting device: Using the same principle of intracranial and lumbar vertebrae, continuous drainage from the waist, reducing the patient’s toh the craniotomy [123 123 [123 ] The danger and pain of spinning machine . ( 4 ) Skull repair films. \u0026 nbsp; Dialysis product [ 123] \u0026 nbsp;

21 Since the century, nephropathy has become one of the main hazards of human health, and hemodialysis is the main means to treat end -end renal disease (uremia) in the next decades. The equipment of hemodialysis therapy is mainly composed of dialysis machines, dialysis, and blood circuit. The dialysis device is the main medical consumables of hemodialysis equipment.Japan, the United States, and Europe consume a lot of dialysis per year, and Japan consumes about about

3000 Wanzhi dialysis device, and it is still every year [ 123]

5-7% increased. my country’s current annual consumption dialysis device is 1000

more than 10,000. my country’s dialysis market prospects are quite broad and have business value and social significance. \u0026 nbsp; Dialectics used by domestic hospitals [ 123] 95% Relying on imported products such as Europe, the United States, Japan, such as Farsonus, Germany ( ),瑞典金宝(Gambro

),日本旭化成(Asahi[123 ]), Niplo, Japan (

nipro ), German Bellang \u0026 nbsp ; , etc. Domestic domestic production only accounts for about total 5% There is a big gap between the technology and other aspects of the technology. \u0026 nbsp; Hematopoly dialysis consumable products include: dialysis, dialysis pipeline, fistula pin. \u0026 nbsp; Semi -diarrhea, inject dialysis fluid into the abdominal cavity, use the capillary concentration gradient and osmotic gradient in the capillary plasma and dialysis solution in the peritoneal on both sides of the peritoneal to remove the solubility through the principle of diffusion; remove the moisture by the penetration ultrafiltration principle. Overseas dialysis consumable products include: built -in tube, external tube, titanium connector, and pills. \u0026 nbsp; Cardiovascular products 123]

\u0026 nbsp;


my country Cardiology Surgery 18.8

10,000 cases, of which in vitro circulation surgery 15 10,000 cases, and the increase in the growth rate of each year

10-15% continued to increase. At present,

600 Many hospitals have conducted cardiovascular surgery. Invicular circulation products: oxygenomer (artificial lung) through the effect of semi -diaphragm and different osmotic pressure, the blood exchange blood on the surface of the membrane, turning venous blood (blood with low oxygen) into arterial blood (including the blood volume) High oxygen blood). Arterial microcomplex filter filtering is about to enter the human artery blood, mainly gas or solid embolism, in vitro circulation vascular roads, aortic intubation, cavity intubation, blood concentrated (ultrafiltration), which is used to treat patients in the patient’s body Excess body fluid and excessive diluted blood caused by excessive body fluid and in vitro circulation. It can also be used for blood filtration and hemodialysis. The blood storage device acts as a temporary storage space for patients in the heart surgery. In addition, there are irrigation devices, irrigation stitches, barriers, pump filters, attractors, tubing, cardiac fixers, heart valve and other accessories.

\u0026 nbsp; Cardiology Products: Heart stent: (Ordinary type / Pharmaceuticality / degradable type); Cover; Anging catheter; pressure syringe. \u0026 nbsp; The main production of international cardiac surgery products Business:

\u0026 nbsp;

( 1) \u0026 nbsp; Italy Company 123]

Established in 1978 , it is one of Italy’s largest and most dynamic biomedical company. The core competitiveness of Solin Group Italy Co., Ltd. is manifested in two important market areas: they are cardiopulmonary (cardiopathy) and blood management (autologous blood transfusion and machine blood collection) market in the world’s largest in vitro circulation consumables,


123] 2011 The number one in the membrane market is the world’s first in the world.

\u0026 nbsp;

(2) \u0026 nbsp; Termao Co., Ltd. Established on

] 1921 In the year, it is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It is a large enterprise of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. Products include disposable medical devices, blood transfusion utensils, medical products and nutritional drug series, blood vessel angiography and treatment catheter, medical electronic product series, artificial cardiopulmonary product series, infusion pump, injection pump, blood transfusion pump, anesthesia pump, target control pump series series , Inspection of product series, home medical care product series, etc., is the world’s famous medical device product multinational group.

\u0026 nbsp;


\u0026 nbsp;

American Midunli Established in 1949 [ 123]

In the year, the headquarters of Minnescelis, Minnesota, USA, is the world’s leading medical technology company. It is committed to providing lifelong treatment plans for patients with chronic diseases. In the field of chronic disease medical technology, Midunlin China has become a trusted leader through providing safe, reliable and effective solutions, thereby ensuring the company and employees’ continuous and healthy common development. Its main products cover arrhythmia, heart failure, vascular disease, heart valve replacement, in vitro heart support, minimally invasive heart surgery, malignant and non -malignant pain, exercise disorders, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, urinary system diseases, spinal disease, nervous system, nervous system system Diseases and the treatment of the Five Officials Department. \u0026 nbsp;


Domestic cardiac surgery producers: \u0026 nbsp;

123] (1) \u0026 nbsp; Tianjin Plastic Research Institute

] Tianjin Plastic Research Institute was established in 1965 In the past 40 years, it has been committed to the development, development and production of medical plastic products for forty years. Professional manufacturers of \”three types of\” medical devices approved by the Authority. At present, the largest industry in the world is the largest

5000 10

Wan -level purification workshop, passed ISO 13485: 2003

Medical equipment quality management system certification, a variety of products obtained CE


fda certification.

The Institute of Plastic Research Institute since

70 The development of medical plastics began in the age , Production, with strong technology and product reserves. The current product covers five series categories such as in vitro circulation, breathing anesthesia, neurosurgery, dialysis, and other series of cities nationwide 400 123] Yu Family Hospital. 2007 Starting into the international market year, the current product exports to more than 30 countries. Among them, blood vessel roads, filters, etc. occupy Russia 40% Market. \u0026 nbsp; Product quality and technology Leading level, the self -developed one -tube, multi -cavity, variable diameter, compound extrusion and other technologies can process various special catheter and intubation for customers.

\u0026 nbsp; 23] ( 2 ) Dongguan Kewei Medical Device Co., Ltd. \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; 1993 In the year, it is a professional company that develops, produces, sells for cardiopathic surgery, intervention equipment, and vascular intubation. The main products are three types of in vitro -circulating medical devices and myocardial interventional blocking device, such as oxygen compounds (artificial lungs), intubation, arterial micro -bolt filters, and in vitro circulation pipelines.

\u0026 nbsp;



) Xi’an Xijing Medical Products Co., Ltd.

The company was established in

] 1995 In the year, he has an independent legal person qualification. The company specializes in the production of artificial cardiopulmonary oxygers and its auxiliary products, and has expanded to active medical device products in recent years.

\u0026 nbsp; ]


) Ningbo Fallar

is a one -time use of cardiac surgery series for professional R \u0026 D, production, and sales Products. Main products: disposable use of blood storage filter, disposable use of blood micropolette filter, disposable use of cardiopulmonary transitional bleeding path (in vitro circulation supporting pipelines and various specifications intubation) Products and other products. Purification Workshop 700 Yu square meter.

\u0026 nbsp; ] 5

) Beijing Midos Medical Device Co., Ltd.

The company was established in

2012 4 The month is a Sino -US joint venture that specializes in the development, production and sales of cardiac products and anesthesia products. Purification Workshop

400 square meter. The main products include cardiac fixers, membrane oxygen, heart intubation, in vitro circulation tube roads, arterial micro -bolt filters, and blood stop jump irrigation devices.

\u0026 nbsp;


6 ) Shanghai Xiangsheng Medical Device Factory The factory was established in [ 123] 1993

Year 5 Month, it is a professional manufacturer of disposable polymer material catheter. At present, there have been two series of two major products of disposable cardioprocytosis and nursing custody. The main products are: one -time use of venous intubation, left atrium decompression tubes, aorta intubation, artificial cardiopulmonary pipeline, Divevation pipes, extended pipes, gastric tubes, sputum pipes, nasal oxygen tubes, etc. \u0026 nbsp; ]


) Changzhou Kangxin Heart Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Dynamic vein intubation, heart heart, heart, heart Fixed device, pouring needle, pioneering protector, etc.

\u0026 nbsp;

] 8 ) Weigao Group Built in 1988 [123 ]

In the year, the holding subsidiary Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Products Co., Ltd.

2 Month inHong Kong GEM listing, 2010

7 Monthly transfer to the motherboard listing. Group owns 400

A variety of, 30,000

multiple specifications of medical equipment and medicines ,主要有输注耗材、手术缝合线、医用导管、心脏支架及心内耗材、留置针及各种异型针、血液净化设备及耗材、骨科材料、医疗设备、治疗型注射液及其它药品、生物Diagnostic reagents, artificial plasma, biological implants,



The raw materials and other series have become China’s largest disposable use of medical device manufacturers. \u0026 nbsp;

Development prospect [ 123] \u0026 nbsp; With the economy Development, population growth, social aging level, and the continuous enhancement of people’s health awareness, and the global medical device market has continued to expand rapidly. At the time of economic rise, the growth rate of the medical device industry is faster than the growth rate of the national economy. During the global economic recession, medical device products are still optimistic. It can be seen that the medical device industry has typical positive positive cycle characteristics. This feature determines that the international medical device industry has great development potential. Among them, plastic has obtained more and more widely of application in the medical field with its excellent nature, reliable performance, and convenient molding process, and gradually replaced various materials to continue to expand the application fields in medical devices. From the packaging of medicines and agents to the application of disposable medical devices and non -disposable medical devices, there are plastic participation. According to predictions, in the future Annual medical plastic field will be one of the most developed potential areas of the plastic industry. \u0026 nbsp; The plastic nature is excellent, the performance is reliable, the performance is reliable It is convenient for molding and low price. It should replace a large number of traditional products and has a wider range of applications in the medical field. According to statistics, the global medical device market has reached 1000 billion US dollars, the medical material market reaches 120 The average growth rate of 7%-12% continued to grow, but domestic medical plastics are still an emerging industry. my country’s medical plastic output value is only 7%

. my country’s medical device output value is nearly

500 100 million yuan, while medical plastics are about


] RMB 100 million yuan. According to experts speculation, in the future


In the year, my country’s medical device industry will enter a high-speed development stage. \u0026 nbsp;

] 2011

The new medical reform of the year proposed to vigorously develop the policy of county hospitals. Benefiting from the increase in demand for medical equipment, instruments, and materials for the construction Essence The state continues to increase its support for grass -roots medical institutions, and the needs of grass -roots medical institutions for medical devices will continue to be released. Therefore, the medical device market will grow 40% ]. At present Many companies, and only about 1000 . Due to factors such as product fineness, most products are only used in small and medium -sized cities and the vast number of rural areas. The main applications in the market in large cities such as Beijing -Tianjin and Shanghai are still imported products. Most of the plastic products are consumables. Therefore, the market space is very huge. This is very huge. This is very huge. It will bring unlimited business opportunities to production medical plastic companies.