Farewell to the wooden scaffolding!Saudi Basic worker DOUBLE Scream Extruder Machine launched an innovative durable building board

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

In addition, because Stadeck \u0026#8482; plates are treated with corrosion and moisture -proof treatment, and the service life is significantly longer than ordinary wooden boards, especially for scaffolding, frame engineering decoration, fences, floodproof walls, dams, waterproof hoods and wheelchairs Building applications such as ramps. \u0026 nbsp; stadeck \u0026#8482; panel installation is convenient, so it is also an ideal choice for temporary applications such as festivals. \u0026 nbsp;
Pelletizing Line ) certification, which has become an ideal choice for scaffolding applications. \u0026 nbsp;
] 2 [123 ] The world’s lead Chemical Enterprise Saudi Basic Industry Corporation (SABIC) recently announced the launch of new durable plates for the construction field, Stadeck \u0026#8482;. The plate is made of glass fiber to enhance thermoplastic resin. Its lightweight product attributes and structural design have significant advantages in various types of building materials and application designs with high weight loss and impact requirements.
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stadeck \u0026#8482; board materials are suitable for various types of buildings such as scaffolding.
This board adopts innovative structural design and material technology, while at the same time has excellent lightweight and strong toughness. In addition, Stadeck \u0026#8482; board has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance and excellent anti -slip and fire resistance. \u0026 nbsp; stadeck \u0026#8482; board has passed EN \u0026 Nbsp; 12811-1 (the EU’s performance requirements for work equipment and scaffolding and general settings
Compared with the standard wooden boards commonly used in traditional construction industries, Stadeck \u0026#8482; board has excellent reuse, which greatly improves product utilization and service life, and can reduce up to 60 % up to 60 % The weight of the construction engineering provides a new and lower carbon environmental protection scaffolding solution for the construction engineering field. In addition to reducing the overall weight of the material itself, this board can also save up to 32 % of the system construction cost, which is better in terms of operability and economics. \u0026 nbsp;
This board can provide different colors, such as raw wood, ash and stone colors, etc. In addition to the following standard size, it can also be customized according to customer needs.The standard specifications are 55 mm thick, 230 mm width, and 3,000 mm or 6,000 mm in length.