Express!Emperor set up sustainable technology in Europe, China Plastic Sheet Center

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Teijin Limited announced that it has established the European Sustainable Technology Innovation Center (Estic) at the ARNHEM. As a R \u0026 D institution, the center is responsible for developing sustainable development technology. According to reports, ESTC, as the R \u0026 D Center of Emperor’s Environmental Value Solution, will promote transnational cooperation between researchers to strengthen the development plan of various business departments. ESTIC will also bear the challenge to develop a new business. These businesses will use the life cycle capacity of the core materials of the emperor and the development of green materials to support the global circular economy. This includes striving to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and stimulate the hydrogen economy. ESTIC will also establish a satellite office in Brightlands Chemelot Park. This is an international open innovation community in the field of high -performance materials, sustainable craftsmanship and biomedical solutions that are active in Sittard Geleen, the Netherlands to further activate and external innovation communities and research institutions and research institutions. communicate. Emperor.png Emperor is committed to becoming a company that supports future social and UN sustainable development goals (SDG). It is expected that ESTIC to contribute to the development of sustainable products and technology that helps to reduce environmental impact. Since the signing of the Paris Agreement, countries around the world have gradually realized that decarbon is an urgent global task. On the basis of this country, the signing of the agreement announced the national goal of achieving carbon neutrality. In the \”Continuous Development\” 2020-2022 management plan released in February 2020, the emperor announced its long-term goal of reducing environmental impact. The company is seeking growth and development according to these goals. Emperor also supports the UN global contract and sustainable development goals, and achieves a more sustainable world by formulating environmental solutions and other measures.