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Metal-OrganicChemicalVapordepOsition (MOCVD), first metal-organized, was firstly a new technology for preparing a compound semiconductor single-film film proposed by Lockewell in 1968. This device integrates precision machinery, semiconductor materials, vacuum electronics, fluid mechanics, optics, chemistry, and computer. It is a special equipment with high degree of automation, expensive price, and high technical integration. Nitride) The extension growth of semiconductor materials and the manufacturing of blue, green, or ultraviolet light -emitting diode chips. It is also the main method and device for preparing arsenic and phosphorized and phosphorized. ) The most critical manufacturing equipment in the implementation of the project is also one of the most promising equipment for the optoelectronics industry.
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \”November 28, 2002, the 863 topic we undertake — ” [[[[[(6 pieces 2 -inch machines) ‘officially established.\” China Wang Junchao, deputy director of the 48 institutes of Electronic Technology Group Corporation, told reporters, \”The equipment we developed completed the assembly, whole machine joint reconciliation and technical indicators in November 2004. After being shipped to the process unit, it was installed and commissioned in 42 days to complete the installation, debugging, The Blu -ray diode chip of Ingan/Gan’s multi -layer quantum trap structure surprised many foreign mature companies. \”\u0026 Nbsp;
MOCVD equipment technology has been monopolized by a few international companies in the West. In the year, dozens of such equipment were introduced in China, which cost huge exchanges. Wang Junchao said: \”my country’s source resources are limited, and the continuously growing national economy has made the supply of electricity increasingly tense and increasingly outstanding. During the period, the nitride 镓 MOCVD device was included in the key development projects in the field of new materials. After several years of efforts, it has achieved significant results. \”\u0026 Nbsp;

According to reports, the MOCVD devices developed by 48 have been developed from the 48 MOCVD device from the from. Cost control, document preparation, supporting conditions, quality management, human resources, etc. have made preliminary preparations for subsequent industrialization. Wang Junchao said: \”Our selection of processing manufacturers in the Foreign Association and the selection of outsourcing equipment based on both ensuring performance requirements and saving funds and expenditure as the goal, we will try our best to reduce the cost of equipment manufacturing, and lay the foundation for promoting and occupying the market; in the foundation; in the market; in the market; Design files, test materials, process documents, installation records and other original materials, strictly follow the requirements of archives management, fulfill the design, school pairing, review, approval and archiving procedures to prepare for the formation of batch production capacity; Special equipment such as VCR automatic welding machine and high sensitivity leak detection instrument; in addition, we also strictly follow the ISO9001/GThe JB9001A quality management system is managed. It has established a closed -loop material supply chain through professional logistics management and long -term qualified supplier networks to establish a supplier calendar assessment → device entry check -in -checking → feedback from the use of device → supplier qualification assessment. This is not only the basis of product technical performance, but also an indispensable condition to realize industrialization. In the end, he added that the backbone technicians of the research team have an average of more than ten years of special equipment research and development experience, which provides a guarantee for the industrialization of nitride MOCVD equipment from the human resources. At the time, the equipment we do now is equivalent to foreign β machines, and there is still a certain gap between the mature models required by industrialization. In the future, higher production efficiency and more advanced models still need to work harder. \”Wang Junchao revealed to reporters.\” In the next step, we have selected 19 2 -inch models synchronized with international advanced levels. On the basis of the existing 6 pieces of current machines, we work hard to improve production efficiency and reduce sources of consumption. \”\u0026 Nbsp;

3 pieces of 2 -inch models all parts and components get rid of foreign control \u0026 nbsp;

The 863 plan\” MOCVD equipment used for GAN \”and CLP 48 There are also Institute of Semiconductor Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Researcher Liu Xianglin said that after more than 3 years of research, the semiconductor has completely mastered the key technologies of MOCVD devices, and the performance of the prototypes developed has reached the level of similar foreign products. The sales price is less than 1/2 of the foreign abroad, and the cost and maintenance cost of the equipment are lower. \u0026 Nbsp;

Because the ideas of independent innovation are always penetrated during the development process, we must adhere to the key technologies and components. While developing the path of myself, the semiconductor is developed by the MOCVD device, and it also developed auxiliary products related to equipment. At present, all components are not controlled by foreign control, and the technical level of the equipment has reached the requirements of industrialization. \u0026 Nbsp; [123 ]
The reporter learned that several key technologies where semiconductors are located
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Substitute of patent blockade of foreign companies, forming its own patented technology, such as radiation heater design, MOCVD response The revolving mechanism in the room, the three -layer stream of air spray structure, and the gas distribution structure, these technologies have been used in the development of more advanced equipment in the next generation. By a batch of intentional ordering, including foreign order, and 8 units expressed their willingness to invest in production. At the same time, he said that MOCVD setsAlthough the prospect of industrialization is bright, it is also difficult. He said: \”In the process of industrialization, we will face the competition of foreign manufacturers. They have accumulated more than 20 years of funds and technology will have a huge impact on my country’s MOCVD industry. To establish my country’s MOCVD industry In addition, the investment of enterprises, the support of national policies, and fund funding will be the key to determining the success or failure of my country’s MOCVD industrialization. \” The key equipment of the diode and laser extension is also the mainstream method to prepare photoelectronic materials and devices such as gallium arsenide and phosphorus. As MOCVD \u0026 Nbsp;

gradually is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, and about 200 MOCVD devices are required in the world each year. Since my country does not specifically prepare MOCVD equipment manufacturers and styling products, my country is subject to foreign countries in this field. It is very urgent to develop domestic MOCVD \u0026 Nbsp;
The device is very urgent. During the \”15th Five -Year Plan\” period, the 863 plan new material field made a decision to develop a production -oriented MOCVD device that is suitable for nitride production. In July 2001, the Semiconductor Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences undertook the \”Key Technology Research on the Nitride Laser\” of the New Material Base of the Beijing Science and Technology Committee. After two years of continuous research on scientific researchers, a breakthrough of key technologies has been obtained, and expert acceptance has been passed. At the same time, the 863 plan project \”MOCVD equipment and virtual simulation system suitable for nitride material production\” undertaken by the Institute of Semiconductor Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in July 2002 also made great progress. Evaluation and evaluation.