Exit 19%, German plastic machine today Pelletizing Line is a bit difficult

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Affected by the new crown epidemic, as of June this year, orders for German plastic and rubber machinery manufacturers decreased by 20%year -on -year. \”The new crown epidemic is a major blow to the original customers who have performed poorly. However, the epidemic also allows plastic machines to have more application markets in the medical and packaging fields.\” Tolstot, executive director of the VDMA Trading Association \u0026#8226 ; Thorsten Kühmann said. According to VDMA, the export value decreased by 19%. In the first five months of this year, German plastic and rubber mechanical exports fell 19%year -on -year, of which the exports to China and the United States decreased by 3%. VDMA believes that the Chinese market has begun to release positive signals. But the decline in US exports has just begun. In terms of exports to Europe, Germany’s delivery of Italy, France, and Spain significantly decreased significantly at -31%, -42%, and -48%, respectively. Russia and Turkey have increased significantly, an increase of 102%of 28%, respectively. Orders from Germany’s plastic machines exported to India also decreased significantly, a decrease of 73%. In 2020, revenue may decrease by 30% VDMA. It is estimated that the future new crown virus may erupt the second wave of epidemic, which increases the uncertainty of economic development. At the same time, the prospects of the automotive industry are dim and Sino -US trade relations continue to be tense, which puts pressure on export -oriented construction machinery industries. In addition, the levy plastic tax also makes the situation unknown. Most plastic machinery manufacturers are expected to decrease by 30%in 2020. 80%of manufacturers are expected to resume the turnover in 2019 in 2022. At present, the EU governments have issued a series of economic development plans to cope with the adverse effects brought by the new crown epidemic. 80%of the digital plastic and rubber machinery manufacturers are expected to return to 2019 at the latest in 2022. Many people expect this situation in 2021. Many people expect that orders from Western Europe and China will be restored by the second half of 2020. VDMA said plastic machinery manufacturers will continue to help circular economy construction. The circular economy is expected to lead these technical suppliers out of this crisis.