Every day Granule Machine does not stop working for almost 24 hours, Ford enables mobile robots to operate 3D printers

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

At Ford’s advanced manufacturing center, robot Javier can operate 3D printers by themselves -he is never late, the action is very accurate, and he works most of the day every day -just a short break to charge. Robot Javier is an automatic mobile robot developed and manufactured by KUKA. It replaces a fixed device to operate 3D Carbon printer. Ford 1.JPEG Ford uses mobile robots to operate 3D printers. (Picture from Ford) \”This new process is expected to change our way we use robots in manufacturing facilities.\” Jason Ryska, director of global manufacturing technology development, said, \”It not only enables Ford to expand its 3D printing business, but also optimize other manufacturing processes ——It can help to make industrial and commercial simplifying equipment and achieve flexible assembly. \”Ford said that the operation accuracy of the robot Javier is extremely high, and the feedback information can be significantly reduced. In addition to operating a 3D printer, this method can also be applied to a large number of robots that Ford already on the job to improve efficiency and reduce costs. At present, Ford has applied for a number of patents for the overall workflow of the robot, communication structure, and precise positioning. It is worth noting that the robot does not even need to use the camera visual system to \”see things\”. Generally, different equipment from different suppliers cannot interact due to inconsistent communication interfaces. Ford has developed an application interface program that allows different devices to \”speak the same language\” and continuously send feedback to each other. For example, the 3D Carbon printer told KUKA mobile robot to print the completion time, and then the robot let the printer know that the robot has arrived and prepares to receive. This innovative communication method makes the entire process possible. At present, the robot Javier is still able to operate its 3D printer at night after the Ford employee is off work. This not only increases production, but also reduces the cost of custom 3D printing products. Ford has used a printer to create small -scale customized parts, such as a brake pipeline bracket equipped with Mustang Shelby \u0026#174; GT500 Performance Kit. Ford 2.JPEG mobile robot can operate 3D printer to print car parts by themselves. (Picture from Ford) Although the entire operation process is fully automated, Ford’s operators still need to upload 3D design to printers, maintain machines, and develop new methods to use the technology.