European plastic processor: improvement of plastic waste collection and classification can mention Extruded PVC Sheets high regenerative plastic quality

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

), exceeded 76 [123
] A survey result of the European Plastic Machining Association (
Regenerative PET is the only material recognized by most interviewees. standard.

)质量的The most suitable way . EUPC A total of obtained from 21 A European country 376 [ 123] Family company participates. The survey shows that 53

% of the respondents believe that should use better recycling technology , and ] % Of the respondents requested \” Better recycling design . About 80 % of the respondents said they had taken measures to improve the quality of recycled objects. EUPC

said that the content of recyclable materials required by the European Plastic strategy before the EU, \”is almost impossible under the current conditions.\”


The survey includes

10 different recycled plastic materials, but most interviewees said The supply of two materials is \”enough.\” EUPC

said that in terms of available recycled plastic quality, the situation \”deteriorated\”.

Regeneration PET is the only material recognized by most interviewees, 71 % of the interviewees said regeneration PET Quality meets standards. It is understood that


is trying to solve technical problems related to polymer recycling, and to convert the company’s recycling of recycled plastic. EUPC

Plan for another survey of annual investigations in

2019 .The association is currently carried out a project to develop a single and unified online tool to monitor the use of recycled plastic in the European plastic processing industry.