European injection molding machine industry -growth or Plaster Granulating Machine for survival?

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

ami \u0026 nbsp; consulting Recent research data of the research institution, with the major European injection molding machine markets from the main market of Europe In the past ten years, the economic recession slowly recovered, and the European injection molding machine industry began to enter the development momentum.
According to
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Studies show that in the year of 850 billion euros, since 2007

to this day 3%

compound growth Rate. \u0026 nbsp; The growth momentum is mainly derived from the growing polymer market demand, as well as value -added opportunities, as well as rising polymer prices rising factor. \u0026 nbsp; In addition, The industry also benefited from the use of recycling regeneration materials,

2018 In the year, the recycling of regeneration materials contributed

8% .

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The multi -functionality of the injection molding machine enables it to meet the volume of polymer volume driven by the packaging, automobiles and electronics industries. Extremely diversified market demand. \u0026 nbsp; Each market is facing different opportunities and challenges, especially the plastic and application industry chain. The rigorous environmental protection test brings further tests in the industry.

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Growth: Overall demand records 1.6 [123


The average growth rate of %

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According to AMI \u0026 Nbsp; Consulting The previous research data, all key market segments are growing. Among them, the packaging industry shows the most sustainable growth trend, while the automotive industry has used in the past in the past. 4 The most powerful growth of the year.

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The overall needs of European injection molding machines

1.6 % of the average average Growth rate, 2018 The demand for polymer at the beginning of the year is more than 1200 10,000 tons.

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The injection molding machine industry is the most decentralized plastic industry, at least in Europe 8000 Home companies are engaged in this industry. \u0026 nbsp; In these businesses, more than

90 % operate only one company operates only one house In injection molding machine plants, of course, there are also multinational companies with many production bases in Europe.

The industry is also attracting private capital investment. Some companies are listed, but there are about


] % Of the company is a family business.

\u0026 nbsp; Globalized customer base, which also promoted the industry to attract investment from outside Europe, especially used to serve in Europe to invest in Europe The original equipment manufacturer of the automobile and electronics industry (



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However, the decentralization of the injection molding machine industry and the oversupply market have also led to a fierce competitive environment, leading to the re -reshuffle of the industry , Outstanding fittest.

\u0026 nbsp; Seeking: fierce competition prompt the industry to shuffle

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2004 years, although China -Europe has continued new production bases, the number Essence

\u0026 nbsp; Some companies have closed or merged, the main reason is the transfer of internal customer groups in Europe.

\u0026 nbsp;

For example, some customers withdrew from Europe, or due to cross -regional competition and technical progress, the customer base decreased to decline Essence In this context, many industry participants may be considered \” Survivor


\u0026 nbsp;

% of the injection molding machine manufacturer Some product manufacturers may be considered to have more control over the destiny of the company, but most of their products are customized molds, and their success depends on the products they operate and the customer base. \u0026 nbsp; Many injection molding machine companies specialize in a specific market, and many injection molding machine companies adopt

\” Satto

\” Operation and open up customer groups in different fields.

\u0026 nbsp;

The report also studied the annual production of more than

1 10,000 tons of aggregation Hundreds of injection molding machine companies, as well as companies with more than 1.5 Companies of 10,000 tons of polymer, summarized, such companies produced about 58 % The total number of primary polymers.

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Compared with Europe: China will record more than 5% ] The compound growth rate

\u0026 nbsp; According to

Research \u0026 nbsp; and \u0026 nbsp; Market Data from research institutions show that the Chinese injection molding machine market maintains the world’s largest market share. \u0026 nbsp; Based on the high -speed development of automobiles, and packaging, household appliances and 3C

The rapid upgrade of the industry, China’s injection molding machine has increased strongly, especially 2017

In the year, the double -digit growth rate was recorded. \u0026 nbsp;

2017 In the year, the total export of Chinese injection molding machine reached

16.7 [123 [123 ] 100 million US dollars, a year -on -year increase 14.3% . Chinese injection molding machines are mainly exported to the United States, Vietnam, India and other countries. \u0026 nbsp;

It is expected that from


to 2022 In the year, China’s injection molding machine production capacity will record a compound growth rate of more than 5% .

\u0026 nbsp;

In terms of product types, small full electric injection machines and two -board injection molding machines will become the main trend. At the same time, with the arrival of industry

4.0 , the injection molding machine will further improve in terms of intelligence. \u0026 nbsp; Due to this trend, several large -scale intelligent projects have begun, such as Bo Chuang Machinery Co., Ltd. Investment [ 123] 1.5 The Guangzhou Smart Factory of RMB 100 million was completed in the second half of the year in the second half of the year in the second half of the year.

\u0026 nbsp;

In addition, the Wuxi Haitian Intelligent Manufacturing Base invested by Haitian International at 2018 [123 [123 ] The foundation laid -off activities have been carried out at the end of the year.

\u0026 nbsp;

It is reported that the total investment of the project 10 100 million Annual sales will increase 20 100 million yuan, the annual creationProfit and taxes


billion yuan.

\u0026 nbsp; Although the Chinese injection molding machine market has shown a growth momentum and exports have increased significantly, it is worth noting that at present, at present, at present, Most of the injection molding machines exported are low -end machines, and high -end machines still need to be imported. USD, far higher than each

34,000 USD export price.

\u0026 nbsp; To reverse this price deficit, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers still need to work hard in technological innovation!