Enter an ExtRuded PVC Sheet step -up 3D printing business Arburg to acquire this German industrial 3D printing manufacturer

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

On February 12, 2020, Arburg officially and located in Germany in Germany The German REPRAP GMBH company in Feldkirchen signed a acquisition contract.
2020年2月12日,阿博格(Arburg)正式与位于德国慕尼黑费尔德基尔兴(Feldkirchen)的德国 RepRap GmbH公司签署收购合同。
February 2020 2020 On the 12th, Arburg officially signed a acquisition contract with Germany’s REPRAP GMBH in Feldkirchen, Munich, Germany. In 2010, REPRAP is an authentic German industrial 3D printing system manufacturer. After being acquired by Abobe, it will continue to operate in the form of an independent enterprise.
On February 12, 2020, ARBURG officially officially signed the acquisition contract with Germany \u0026 nbsp; GMBH in Germany \u0026 nbsp; GMBH in Feldkirchen, Germany. 3D printing company.
The new partner Aberger is the leading injection molding machine manufacturer in Germany. The company also develops and supplies additive manufacturing systems and uses it as part of its product series.
Aberger visited the production method for plastic processing, and is optimistic about its future development potential. In 2013, with Aberg’s Arburg \u0026 Nbsp; FreeFormer 3D printing device successfully entered the market, Abbig’s senior management paid more attention to 3D printing.
At present, most of the applications using this open system to process commercial plastic particles can be found in high -end configuration, such as medical engineering configuration. This configuration must meet the specified material requirements. German REPRAP development and production of 3D systems based on FFF technology (fuse manufacturing). \u0026 nbsp; In 2016, the company added innovative liquid additive manufacturing technology (LAM) to its product portfolio, which can process materials such as liquid silicon rubber (LSR).
As a supplement to the scope of the German REPRAP innovative product, the new X500PRO can be used to deal with engineering plastics such as polycarbonate (PC).

complement, complement,Resource integration

In -depth discussions on how to complement each other in Germany and Aberger on issues such as complementary and resource integration. Obviously, the products and services they provide to the market are complementary.

After careful consideration, Abbog concluded that this starting business with flexic and vibrant Feldkirchen was worthy of acquisition.

The technical connection between the two companies is also obvious: Abbog’s FreeFormer \u0026 Nbsp; 3D \u0026 Nbsp; printing equipment can be used for liquid droplets and standard particles, suitable for personal application. application. The two parties will further cooperate with the processing of liquid plastic (such as LSR).
Replace the owner \u0026 nbsp; Do not change the operation method

The two parties confirmed that the company will continue to be independent startups at Ferel after the acquisition. Feldkirchen operation. The change of ownership has no effect on the German REPRAP employees, nor does it mean any changes in operations.

Florian \u0026 nbsp; Bautz will continue to operate the company in the original way. Germany will continue to manage its sales, application engineering, production and administrative activities independently.

After the acquisition, Abobe will cooperate closely with Germany’s REPRAP to use its sufficient resources to provide necessary support for Germany’s REPRAP.